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  1. Toledo Bass fishing

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    I go to school at the university of toledo and Im wondering if there is any decent bass fishing in the toledo and surrounding area?
  2. me and the 17 pound blecat

    me and the 17 pound blecat

    Me and the 17 pound bluecat I was by myself so had to depend on trying to take photos with a selftimer. The big cat finally settled own long enogh to get the photo
  3. PB 24.5" Saugeye

    PB 24.5" Saugeye

    Caught on GMR 7-16-08 using Rapala Husky Jerk.
  4. Big Walnut    5/7/08

    Big Walnut 5/7/08

    4" rock bass. Smallest fish I've ever caught. Caught with a 1/16 oz jig and white twister.
  5. Me and my grandpa with my HUGE CATFISH!!!

    Me and my grandpa with my HUGE CATFISH!!!

  6. Me with my HUGE CATFISH!!!

    Me with my HUGE CATFISH!!!

  7. Big gill

    Big gill

    marina-erie gill-ice 2008
  8. Coral Trout

    Coral Trout

    This is a 530mm Coral Trout I picked while trolling some nice reef about 8m deep
  9. 47"er


    Big Musky
  10. la su an bluegill

    la su an bluegill

    8 1/2 in. blugills caught in lake lavere
  11. big ass bass

    big ass bass

    caught these on a white spinner
  12. Lake Fork Bass

    Lake Fork Bass

    Another shot of two back to back Bass on Lake Fork
  13. More Lake Fork Hogs

    More Lake Fork Hogs

    I am moving to Texas!!!! I wish
  14. Lake Fork Hog

    Lake Fork Hog

    I can't wait to go back to this lake.
  15. GMR Smallie 3-31-07

    GMR Smallie 3-31-07

    18" Smallie caught on GMR 3-31-07 on Rebel Crawdad. Was targeting Saugeye, so this was a nice bonus fish!
  16. big perch

    big perch

    pond perch