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  1. The Lounge
    Thinking about heading out to look for some walleye this evening. Was wondering if anyone had any advice or suggestions to help me put one in the boat. Is lake milton or Berlin lake the better option? Anybody had any recent success catching eaters? It's been 3 or 4 months since I've eaten...
  2. Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    I am going fishing tonight I would like to find some eyes or some crappie. Any info would be great
  3. Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    I fished Berlin Lake from 8:30am to about 11:30am Saturday, June 22nd 2019. Eventually ran into fellow OGF'er "Flickershad" who was already out on the lake in his boat as well. The water was to the top of the Bonner ramp which is 8 inches from going over the top of the dam. Only the "new" ramps...
  4. Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    Looking for a Dock rental on Berlin. I know, Dutch Harbor is $800 Les's $675. If anyone knows of any cheaper docks I'd appreciate it. 24ft pontoon.
  5. Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    The past couple of years I've read articles on people pulling nice walleyes out of the Mahoning River during the walleye spawn. I'm out of the Alliance area and once the walleye start their spawn in spring I am wondering which area is best. In between Berlin and Lake Milton (The Mahoning River)...
  6. Berlin Smallmouth

    Thank god for the X-treme Glove! It makes holding these crazy fish SO easy!!!
  7. Berlin Largemouth

    Berlin is my new local favorite lake :-)
  8. Fishing with my dog Jake

    He is the absolute best dog when it comes to fishing...But, get him around "Paper Products", and well, that's another story!!! lol
  9. Berlin Bass

    5 lb and a 3lb Berlin bass at our local Berlin Basscaster Club Tourney.
1-9 of 9 Results