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  1. Fishing Reports - Out of State
    Aug. 11th. I went fishing with my grandson before he headed off for his second year of college. He picked up a nice load of Creek Chubs around 0915 so we had plenty of fresh bait. We went to a lake were he caught a nice Channel cat and had two more brake his line. We got our lines in the...
  2. Bass Discussions
    Hi. I would like to know what to best place to catch bass is that is near North Royalton. (30 minutes max). Also at that place what is the best lure/ bait. Thank you.
  3. OGF Marketplace
    I’m selling my 9 inch fish finder so I can have some money towards one with the live scan. It works flawlessly. I’m looking for the box and manual but have yet to find it. I’ll continue looking for it. I have attached eBay comps for price reference. Located in yellow springs Ohio
  4. Tackle Talk
    Has anyone used the new Berkley Gilly swimbait? I can’t find them anywhere
  5. Lake Erie General Discussions
    Has anyone fished the Ruggles area for smallmouth lately? Want to try something different, any luck?
  6. The Lounge
    Looking for suggestions for public fishing that's accessible from the banks and spots that are decent for public night fishing (from the banks, of course). Anywhere in or near Tuscarawas County. Willing to travel up to an hour away for a decent spot to fish. Thanks everyone
  7. Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    Has anyone ever had any luck fishing a creek for smallmouth? Ive been thinking of targeting a few creeks this spring for some smallmouth but not sure if they even hold them. Im thinking about the little cuyahoga by cascade in Akron, furnace run by szalays in Boston heights and mud brook behind...
  8. Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    Hey guys, just looking for some places to try on the lake if anyone cares to share. For now I've been fishing the coves on the dam side of the lake. Water temps were 59-61 today. Caught a nice smallmouth a week or so ago and got a muskie to the boat on another day. I just can't seem to find any...
  9. Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    With this warmer weather when does everyone predict the prespawn will start? Im hoping it starts in the next week or so but idk that it will be warm enough. Has anyone had any luck bass fishing already though? Im tryna catch some some hogs on a bitsy bug here soon.
  10. Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports
    Anyone been out yet, wondering what water temp and lake levels were. Looking to take my Ranger out for some bass.
  11. Fishing Reports - Out of State
    Fished this chain of lakes in Michigan with my buddy Jim. They have a strict fish consumption restriction on the lake now, but the fishing can be really good. Thought you might enjoy a quick winter fishing video from last October. If your watching from computer or T.V. click the bottom of the...
  12. Fishing Reports - Out of State
    Sept 1st I headed to the lake around 13:15. I did stop at my local mom & pop bait shop for a dozen night crawlers. Lines in the water around 13:45 at the deeper part of the lake, I had 2 rods, one for bluegill and one for catfish. I tried 3 different spots at that part of the lake. 14:40 No...
  13. Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    Usually salt fish. But found a spot on my local lake where the bait is running rampid. the water is so clear you can see the bass just smash the bait. Was using shiners my first day witnessing this and they wanted nothing to do with it. Went home had dinner came back with my salt gear. It has...
  14. OGF Marketplace
    Purchased a lot of Flickershads off site and just too small for my liking, just trying to let em go for what I got in em. 80.00 TYD, Theres 14- #7 shads, 11- #6 shads and 5- #5 shads, as stated, about all never seen water or are like brand new. Will ship asap. Located ib Bucyrus, at lake erie...
  15. OGF Marketplace
    I am selling my two lowrance HDS units. One is a HDS 7, the other is HDS 5. Both are Gen2s and have network HDMI cables hooked up to the structure scan box. Both come with sonar transducers and one side imaging transducer. I would like to sell as a pair. Both are non-touch units, I have used...
  16. Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports
    May 4th I picked up my grandson around 09:30. He had 2 containers of red worms for this trip. We headed off to my friends farm pond. We got to the pond around 10:30 after a bout a .5 mile walk thru the pasture. The pond was clear, but the moss has grown thicker than the last time we fished...
  17. Fishing Reports - Out of State
    4-6 11:00 my grandson & I headed to a different lake for some bluegill fishing action. 11:35 I baited my catfishing rod with 2 fat night crawlers then got my bluegill rod setup to fish. 12:00 I caught my 1st bluegill of the day. I reeled in my catfish rod and used the bluegill for fresh...
  18. Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports
    I would like to try some pier fishing this spring off of Catawba, would like to get some yellow perch, but wondering what other fish will also be biting off the pier? walleye, bass? I would probably use 3 way rig for perch, what would be best for walleye or bass this time of year off the pier...
  19. The Lounge
    I love fishing but I want to get better at it and catch more fish consistently. Any tips for from shore for really any species would be appreciated
  20. OGF Marketplace
    This rod is discontinued and hard to get. This one has been used 1 time. This is a 7 foot 10 inch casting rod. Great for big swimbaits, Umbrella rigs, deep diving crankbaits and muskie lures. Asking 120.00 OBO Pics available.
1-20 of 185 Results