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  1. Baitcaster question

    Tackle Talk
    does anyone use a casting setup for throwing walleye cranks from shore? I have always been a spinning rod kinda guy but my buddy talked me into getting a casting rod and reel to start using and try to get comfortable with. I can pretty much use it without too many birdnests but I cannot get much...
  2. February Fun Sale!

    OGF Marketplace
    We are having a lot of FUN in February at Ohio Sportfishing! Book at charter before February 15th and get $50 off at time of charter! (required deposit still applies) OR- are you looking for something special for your Valentine? We have a great selection of standard and custom painted baits and...
  3. Holiday Special!

    OGF Marketplace
    Check out the selection in our online store at Ohio Sportfishing. Buy 5 standard or custom painted baits and get $5.00 off of your order! Stock up! Lots of popular custom paint colors in stock! Use code 012 345 at check out. Great stocking stuffers- or contact us for larger items- we have a...
  4. Bandits for sale in Flint Mi,

    Hot Deals
    If you are in the Flint area Hicks tackle is selling deep Bandits for $5. Selection is not bad. FYI.
  5. Smithwick Top20s and Warrior Custom Bandits in stock!

    Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports
    Ohiosportfishing still has a great selection of Smithwick Top20s and Warrior Custom Bandits in stock! Shop online at www.ohiosportfishing.com and we will ship the baits to your door! Or, stop in the shop- 12 N Main - in Milan on the Square. We are open 7am-12pm Mon-Fri- or call 419 541 1197 to...
  6. Baits in Stock!

    Lake Erie Fishing Reports
    Ohio Sportfishing has Warrior Customs in stock as well as a good inventory of standard Bandits, P10's and DHJs! Visit our online shop at www.ohiosportfishing.com and have them shipped to your door!