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  1. More tackle and lures for sale.

    OGF Marketplace
    I have a large variety of fishing tackle, rods and reels, and other accessories. I can look in to shipping these items if necessary but I would prefer to do a face to face deal. I am located in Knox county but could possibly meet elsewhere. I will have another post soon with more items. The...
  2. Leesville - Muskie from shore?

    Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    Hi everyone, I'm new here but this seems to be the kind of place for this question. In case you don't feel like reading a lot, my question is : Does anyone have tips to give about muskie fishing from the shorelines of Leesville lake (Spots, baits, best times to fish, etc.)? I have looked...
  3. February Fun Sale!

    OGF Marketplace
    We are having a lot of FUN in February at Ohio Sportfishing! Book at charter before February 15th and get $50 off at time of charter! (required deposit still applies) OR- are you looking for something special for your Valentine? We have a great selection of standard and custom painted baits and...
  4. Holiday Special!

    OGF Marketplace
    Check out the selection in our online store at Ohio Sportfishing. Buy 5 standard or custom painted baits and get $5.00 off of your order! Stock up! Lots of popular custom paint colors in stock! Use code 012 345 at check out. Great stocking stuffers- or contact us for larger items- we have a...
  5. Smithwick Top20s and Warrior Custom Bandits in stock!

    Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports
    Ohiosportfishing still has a great selection of Smithwick Top20s and Warrior Custom Bandits in stock! Shop online at www.ohiosportfishing.com and we will ship the baits to your door! Or, stop in the shop- 12 N Main - in Milan on the Square. We are open 7am-12pm Mon-Fri- or call 419 541 1197 to...