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  1. New Tackle Shop Near AEP Recreation Lands

    Ohio Bait, Tackle, Taxidermy, etc. Marketplace
    Last month, I took out the ol' canoe and ventured down to AEP Recreation Lands. As I left I-70 and headed down through the hills, I realized I had long passed my last opportunity to grab some last minute supplies. Then, as I crossed the outskirts of the sprawling metropolis of Chandlersville...
  2. Saugeye at Chippewa Lake Ohio (Medina County)

    Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    HI Folks: Chippewa lake in Medina County Ohio is stocked with (among others) Saugeye -- we were over there the other night and a guy had one he didnt want, which we took home and ate -- it was great, now we want to catch them :) I dont know much about them -- he caught it in shallow water on...
  3. Acton Lake Bait Shop

    Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports
    Hi All, Are there any bait shops near Acton Lake that are still in operation? Looking for minnows primarily but also crawlers. Marina is currently closed from what I hear. Thanks!
  4. Trolling Rods and Reels

    OGF Marketplace
    Cleaned the closet out, 1 Talora 8' 6" 2 pc medium, MF action, 45 2- Diawa Sealine 47SH, non line counters on 2 Reflex series, 8'6"2 pc rigger rods, med. 65 ea reels alone 40 ea. 2- Cabelas Depthmaster reels, DM 30 on 8'6" Wilderness rods, 2 pc. 45 ea combo 1- Cabelas Depthmaster , telescoping...
  5. catching crawfish?

    Bass Discussions
    hello, going to try and catch some crawfish to use as bait this year....my question is....when is a good time to start?....i'm not sure at what temp the water has to be....using crawfish traps....any help would be great.....thank's
  6. Commercial 250 gallon minnow,chub,shiner bait tank

    OGF Marketplace
    Have a "Bait Pro" commercial 250 gallon bait tank with all accessories for sale. Tank is 74" long, 26" wide, 30" tall, 2" thick insulated walls, fiberglass constructed with factory gelcoat interior sides. Will include all accessories with purchase of tank, 2 pumps with large flat bio filter...
  7. Tried another NKY. lake

    Fishing Reports - Out of State
    10-5. I picked up my grandson to do some catfishing at a local small lake around 11:00 We stopped to get some night crawlers on the way to the lake..got our lines in the water at 11:50. At 12:00 we started getting some bluegills for bait for our catfish rods. 12:50 my grandson caught a 9 inch...
  8. NKY. county lake action

    Fishing Reports - Out of State
    August 3rd. I picked up my grandson at 09:20 and headed to a local lake. We got to the lake around 10:10, and my grandson caught a bluegill by 10:15. There was a nice cool breeze blowing on and off which helped beat the heat. 11:20 my grandson caught a small L.M.Bass. Then at 11:45 he...
  9. Not sure where to fish

    Ohio River Fishing Reports
    July 16th. I picked up my brother at 06:00 and drove to the river. We started getting our 5 rods in the water at 06:30. The river was clear and a slow current, we had hoped for some action. We had thawed small skipjack, shad, chicken liver and seasoned chicken breast, plus 2 decent size fresh...
  10. Putting the boat away for this year.

    Ohio River Fishing Reports
    The other day I winterize the lower unit of my outboard motor. In the next week I will be removing the gas from the gastank. Over the winter I will be going out to charge the batteries around once a week. I worked just find doing that last winter. So fishing from the boat is over for this...
  11. Just Bought A 93 Piece Bass Lure Set

    Ohio Bait, Tackle, Taxidermy, etc. Marketplace
    Just bought a 93 Piece Bass Lure Set. When fishing with the kids one cannot have enough lures. If you have any other bulk lure deals please let me know. https://basstrapp.com/products/new-93-piece-mix-model-lure-set
  12. 1st cat of the year!

    Ohio River Fishing Reports
    July 15th. Update: I picked up my brother at 08:00 and drove to our spot on the river for some catfishing. We got our four lines in water at 08:45, some current and river was slightly muddy. A friend of ours that also fishes there gave us about 18 fresh Gizzard Shad before he left for the day. I...
  13. Shake down trip with my boat

    Ohio River Fishing Reports
    June 8th Update 09:20 I picked up my grandson and got some gas then headed for the river and the first trip in the boat for this year. We finally got the boat in the water around 10:15. I headed the boat down river stronger current than I had expected. I stopped the boat at a creek mouth to...
  14. Bait near Jefferson lake

    Southeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    We're going down on Saturday to try out my boat and fish the stocked trout, to Jefferson state park in Richmond. Anyone know of a close bait shop and their hours? I understand there's options in Stubenville but that's also another 20 minutes past the lake and that cuts into fishing time. Were...
  15. Mud Leeches

    Tackle Talk
    I've been looking for mud leeches for channel cat bait for the longest time with no luck, I've heard brown,clermont, and Adams county are ok spots for them but those are big areas and I have no idea where to even begin. Any help on locations,tips or tricks is appreciated thx guys.
  16. Hope to get boat in the river.

    Ohio River Fishing Reports
    I got my boat registration tags the other day. The weather report in the boat good for this upcoming week and the Ohio River is down. Have rods in the oat now so, seriously thinking to take a shakedown trip in it Wednesday .I will have to check out what bait I have in the freezer, I know I...
  17. Looking for Wiley Jerk Baits

    OGF Marketplace
    Yes, the lipless Wiley Muskie Baits. Please let me know if you have any to sell or trade.
  18. 8.5 Channel 8-17

    8.5 Channel 8-17

    This was my last fish for the night boated at 03:45 in the morning. I was geeting a little chilled by that time,so I put on the plastic poncho. All the fish were caught useing cut shad during this trip.a