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  1. Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports
    Crappie and saugeye bite was great. Crappie with size are in 6-12 ft of water. Small schools are up on the bank in brush piles. I'm not into catching 7" crappie or going through 50 in an attempt to get 15 keepers. I try to avoid that at all costs. Out of the 22 crappie I caught, I only had 3...
  2. OGF Contests & Giveaways
    Attention! My catfishing e-book “ROD BENDING CATFISH” wiIl be FREE on April 16th & 17th. Since the weather has turned bad for river fishing you could check out this informative book about catfishing. If at all possible please SHARE this posting to give other folks the chance to get this FREE...
  3. GMR LM 4/8/07

    Largemouth caught on GMR in Troy on 4/8/07. It was one of three LM caught on another cold day (33 degrees).
1-3 of 3 Results