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  1. Guns and Ammo
    It says model m89 on the side and my buddy looked up the number which is 25766 on the side and he said that it was made in 1892. It also says something in another language I’m assuming is danish and that it’s the place of manufacture. It’s in excellent shape. It belonged to a friend of mines...
  2. OGF Marketplace
    I have 20 different Antique Power magazines from the early 2000s 18 different copies of Old Allis News mostly from the late 90s one copy of Red Power magazine from 2002 and a couple copies of Landhandler magazine from 2002. Let me know if you're interested. I'm in Columbus and Port Clinton on...
  3. OGF Marketplace
    In the next few months I plan on letting go of my dads MASSIVE fishing collection. Unfortunately the days of enjoying Mogadore together has come to a slow halt. Over the years he has acquired a TON, literally, a ton of fishing items from poles to tackle and I will be looking to sell these...
1-4 of 4 Results