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  1. OGF Marketplace
    Got a BRAND NEW, still in a box MinnKota Talon 12ft Shallow Water Anchor, Black. Model 1810452 $1,600 Columbus area Txt 614-893-2800
  2. OGF Marketplace
    Power-pole 8ft good condition works as should.. new bushings and bolts within the last year.. spike has minor wear..has foot controls as well.. Asking $700 Sold!!!!!
  3. OGF Marketplace
    Sold my boat, selling a few things from it, a Danforth style anchor, has a 4' lead chain and 100' of rope. It is a #13, made by US Anchors. It is a sizeable anchor, held a 24' boat nicely. asking 40.00 Second is a set of heavy Trolling Bags, 36" wide, in perfect shape other than might use new...
  4. Ohio River Fishing Reports
    9-27: I got to the ramp at 08:10, netted 2 small sucker for fresh bait. Sunny but cool headed up river to deep water. There was an up river breeze that just kept getting stronger. At my first top I marked fish so I dropped my front anchor; by the time I tied it off the breeze had turned my...
  5. Ohio River Fishing Reports
    Last week the anchor was not grabbing right. SO this past Monday night I did find a 3 ft. section of chain and about 30 ft of rope, so last evening when it cooled of a little I added those on to my anchor set up I believed I had the problem solved. Tuesday morning my grandson and I got to...
1-5 of 5 Results