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  1. sale 8$/trade .308 ammo

    OGF Marketplace
    for sale $8 or trade full box of .308 ammo... trade for .22 MAG or .223 ammo..... no reloads pm for more info.. located in portage county...ohio
  2. 7.62x54R Ammo

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    I have a tin of 7.62x54R 147 Grain Russian Steel Core Copper Washed Berdan primed Ammo For Sale or Trade For Portable Fish Finder. There are 440 Rounds In This Tin. Located In Columbus. Cash Price $150.00
  3. Home shopping channel for Guns to debut 1/20

    The Lounge
    It's a marriage of convenience and controversy: Two veterans of the home-shopping industry are launching a shopping channel for guns. GunTV—courtesy of California couple Valerie Castle and Doug Bornstein—will air from 1am to 7am ET starting Jan. 20 and will sell "a vast array of firearms,"...