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  1. Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    Whether you fish from Shore or launch a boat at Alum Creek, a recent article in the Olentangy Valley News may be of interest to you: https://www.thisweeknews.com/news/20200413/expect-detours-in-berlin-township-once-cheshire-old-state-roundabout-project-starts Expect detours in Berlin Township...
  2. Turkey Hunting
    When did all hunting south of 36 become archery only? I thought at one time shotgun was allowed for certain species and in areas south of there.
  3. Alum guiding trip summer '08

    36" caught by Mitch (9years old) on his first ever musky fishing trip.
  4. Alum musky 7/20/08

    7/20/08 Alum Creek Reservoir 36 inches
  5. 10/12/07 Alum Creek

    Smallmouth caught with a friggin rooster tail!
  6. Alum Musky 3

  7. Alum Musky 1

    Caught three Musky on Alum in one trip. I was casting a bucktail.
1-7 of 7 Results