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  1. Catfish Discussion
    I’ve fished for cats a lot over the years in the Delaware/morrow county area but only ever got channels trying to get into flatheads and wondering if anyone has ever had success in these bodies of water? I know Hoover the scioto and knox lake are known for them in the general area as well.
  2. Muskie & Pike Discussions
    trying to head out sometime on really any lake, just trying to go with someone a little experienced. ill pay for gas and bring the beer for a great day on the water . PM me if interested, admin remove if not allowed. thanks guys!
  3. Catfishing
    just looking for some tips on nice fishing spots can be alum creek or within 50 miles radius, mostly lookin for catfish or anything tasty thanks
  4. Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    Went out tonight to check the new carb on my boat before duck season starts and found a few of these yellow bellies. Kept 18 of 35+, all in 45 minutes. all 10 to 12 inches in 6 fow.
  5. Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    Hey everyone, I hope I’m in the right sub forum, but I’ve moved up to Columbus for college and have been itching to catch a musky for several years now. I have all the gear, and went on a trip to Alum last August, but didn’t find any luck. I’ve read on some websites that anywhere south of the...
  6. Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    Was on Alum today and noticed a large amount of dead fish floating all over the lake North and South Pool polluted with them. Most if not all appeared to white bass. Anyone else ever see this or know what caused this?
  7. Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    Here's some results from the Alum Creek Bass Nation two day tournament on Alum Creek. Guy brought in a 18 lb. sack day two to take the win! https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/fishtalkfishingreports/obn-state-team-qualifier-alum-creek-t13748.html
  8. Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    I've fished this reservoir once a couple years ago in the middle of the summer and didn't fair real well. I've seen plenty of reports since where people were catching lots of nice fish. My buddy ventured over there today and had one of those good days. He said they were biting well and they...
  9. Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    Anyone have any tips on where I can get on some crappie or saugeyes from the shore? Or any species for that matter... I don’t have a boat so I’ve been fishing dinky ponds around Union and Delaware county as well as wading the Scioto, but I would like to change up species a bit. It just seems...
  10. Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    Whether you fish from Shore or launch a boat at Alum Creek, a recent article in the Olentangy Valley News may be of interest to you: https://www.thisweeknews.com/news/20200413/expect-detours-in-berlin-township-once-cheshire-old-state-roundabout-project-starts Expect detours in Berlin Township...
  11. Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    Nailed this 3 lb 12 oz pig out on Alum 2 days ago. Water Temp roughly 55° F.
  12. Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    Anyone getting any crappie at alum yet, 2 hour drive, but I love the lake. Doing boat shake down and checking garmin navionics updates
  13. Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    Anybody been out to Alum Creek lately and checked water temp? If so, please share.
  14. Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    When are boat docks placed back into water at Hoover and Alum typically? Can't seem to find this on Google anywhere and I don't usually get out early in the season but this year I would like to as soon as possible. Also are any of the docks permanently in the water, I usually put in at Oxbow if...
  15. Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    I'm a life time fisherman that has caught everything thing from from monster catfish to sailfish. I have never caught a muskie, have heard Alum Creek has a healthy muskie population. Just trying to get some tips or pointers on chasing one of these bad boys down, from a better angler than me...
  16. Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    New to central Ohio and looking for a spring and/or summer bass league. I live in Delaware but work downtown. I'm figuring there's got to be something going on between Alum, Hoover, Scioto and Delaware waters. Can anyone help point me in the right direction?
  17. Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    Hello, Just moved to Delaware from the Cleveland area and am looking for help getting on some fish. Co-worker told me he's seen guys ice fishing Alum Creek but he's never been. Can anyone tell me where a good spot to start is and what I might find there? I assume different area's will hold...
  18. Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    Yup. Fishing at Alum at Cheshire dock and had it sitting while I was casting another. It was a black and blue in-shore Daiwa. Just got it last week as an anniversary gift. Doubt it'll show, but it's worth a post.
  19. Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    Hey all, I'm heading to Alum creek this weekend for some fishing, and I have a few newbies going with me. Any tips or advice on where to take them at the reservoir? Would like to catch some saugeye, smallies, crappie and white bass. Anything will help, I'd like to help them catch their first...
  20. Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    Every Alum Crappie I've caught has been 8.5 or less and I've thrown every one of those damn godforsaken fishes back into to the stained waters from which I caught them. Is everyone doing the same thing?
1-20 of 23 Results