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  1. Portage Lakes - Long Lake

    Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    Hey there, I am planning on taking my kayak to Long Lake tomorrow morning to do some bass fishing. I have never been there before so I'm trying to get a little bit of information as to what I should expect. I've heard there is usually a lot of boats so I'm hoping there might not be as much...
  2. Longnose Gar Fishing tips

    Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports
    I wanted to start this thread to get some input from more experienced anglers, as I really just started getting into this great sport a couple years ago. While my buddy and I have caught a few gar in the past year since we discovered them, we are far from proficient at hooking them...
  3. New Akron Angler

    Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    Hey everyone, so I went fishing for the first time a couple weeks ago and loved it so I bought my first reel and rod and am looking to get out in the Akron area this coming weekend, 5/14/17. I've got a basic tackle box but have basically zero experience. Anyone got any advice on some good easy...
  4. Help please. Dad getting back into it.

    Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    Getting back into fishing after about 20 years. Kids are 6 and 8. When I take them, that just want to catch fish. When I am able to get out by myself, prefer to go after the cats. I am not originally from around here (North Canton) and am a bit overwhelmed by the massive numbers of bodies of...