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Knee deep in the Little Miami River
Id rather not have one
    1. greghal
      Hey Steve, does the ponds on turtle juggers post look familiar. Thats the pond at indian creek we ice fished. If you want to come down this way for some wipers sometime let me know. I've been catching them here and there all winter, but the bite is slow, but picking up. I do want to collect some ramps and dry them. Talk to you later.
    2. sammerguy
      This was meant to be a PM. Sorry bout that.
    3. Tom 513
      Tom 513
      Hey I would like to purchase one of your cd books, maybe I am missing it on your sen site, but I only saw a link to purchase pictures? thanks for all the great info that you post here.
    4. Bronzeback60
      I will not be able to make on Sunday as I just found out I will be out of town working
      Sounds like it was going to be fun
      Sorry for the short notice
    5. Bronzeback60
      Was looking at you pics from the awards you received
      Can you tell me where you got the big carp
    6. j777extra
      Ive been reading your blog for quite awhile to, so I was glad to see you join OGF. We are always in the same areas although I do wander into Loveland/Branch Hill area occasionally. Although I have never found any wild ginseng yet nor any morels.
    7. gibson330usa
      Thanks for the info and the link, much appreciated. I regularly see an eagle near the old nest site so maybe we'll have 2 Warren County nests!
    8. gibson330usa
      Saturday when I went there I found a camo blind set up on the river and the area was riddled with a ridiculous amount of shotgun shells and litter from whoever set up the blind. It looked like a warzone. Should I call Division of Wildlife and report this or is it private property and will just implicate myself? I'm afraid that kind of activity will run the eagle off and even if it's legal to hunt there it's just a shame they can't clean up after themselves. I did see the eagle soaring in circles over Mason-Morrow-Millgrove road. I think it's still a solo adult looking for a mate. I haven't seen a pair in over a year.
    9. gibson330usa
      Hi OSG I admire your knowledge of the local area and would like your opinion regarding the bigfoot run area. I regularly visit the area from Hall's Creek to Stubb's Mills. I enjoy kayak fishing there in the warmer months. I have also been watching the eagle activity there the last couple years. I parked across from the landfill in the past but the Sheriff's informed me (nicely) that it was private property and BFI asked them to run anyone out of there. So I park at Hall's Creek and walk there once a month or so to check on any nesting activity by the eagle(s). see next message...
    10. Dandrews
      Not sure if I can get there this weekend either but I might give the guy a shout, thanks.
    11. oldstinkyguy
      thank you very much, it means alot
    12. lovelandfly
      Hey Stinky,

      I've enjoyed your blog for a year or so, but I didn't have an account to leave you a message. Nice work on there sharing your walk with us.

      Glad to see you on OGF.

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    Knee deep in the Little Miami River
    Id rather not have one
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