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    1. tbolures
      Hi, I live about a 1/2 mile from downtown chagrin and was wondering if you have fished the falls lately and what you were using when you caught the steelhead. Also any tips on fishing down by the falls would be greatly appreciated. I'm a very experienced fisherman but definitely not with steelhead fishing. What time do you suggest going at and how should i set up my line like what kind of rig were you using?
      Thanks, John
    2. Treeman
      Hey Man. Hope things are going well for you. Just got that message. I was in Jersey for 4 months. Alot treework there.
      Give me a call and we'll go fishing. I have some serious upgrades to put on my boat. Terrova 101 w/ipilot, kicker and bracket, new to me rod holders and a HDS. It will be much easier and productive for fishing.
      I still have your blue cooler by the way.
      Jeff 330-968-9654
    3. castroyy
      HAHA. I haven't checked this site in a while due to the winter. I just noticed the message now. I am always looking to go out there and catch all the fish!
    4. ewok9713
      hey did you get out yet? have not heard much of an6yhting going on at la due
    5. Blu320
      well man, went out sunday, hit up the bridge and we're just catching perch. then we move around the lake and didnt hit anything. we attempted to hit some pan fish but couldnt even get them to bite. oh well. it was nice to be out!
    6. fakebait
      I'll get back to ya when we get closer to warmer temps. I basicly only fish Ladue during the season because it's just the place I like. Some days it is very rewarding. other days it can be a real tuff for anything. I live in Mentor so its a 60+ mile round trip and I have not worked in 2 years so I do not know what will happen between now and spring. So if everything turns out OK by then I'll let you know !
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    full-time student, construction foreman, bounty hu
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