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May 12, 2017
May 16, 2010
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Brookfield, Trumbull County
Owner; Finny's Custom Rods, Retired from Law Enfor


Finny's Custom Rods, from Brookfield, Trumbull County

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May 12, 2017
    1. Lawman60
      I just noticed that you said you use Rhino rods from Zebco. Those rods are fiberglass. If you like glass rods, the price would be quite a bit less.
    2. ratherBfishin
      Would cost*** i mean ..sorry! Sent from a phone cant see the keys as well as i could on my old phone , haha
    3. ratherBfishin
      Hey John, my names Matt. Im looking for something a little different this time around. Im an avid user of "rhino" brand rods. However after seeing your page, im very interested in what your making. Im looking for a solid rod that i can call my own creation well as one for my wife to be questions are. Can i have an estimate on what. The following would A med/heavy rod with her name on it (purple white) ....and two rods for myself (emerald green/white for both) in med..and med/heavy both with my name on it. .all of the rods will have either a quantum tiax, mitchell 300xe, or an okuma trio (30) , reels on them ..if you can get back to me with any info i would be very grateful. :) thank you and happy fishing! .
    4. Bluegill_Guru
      Congratulations on your new grandson John. I am sure he can already tell what a great granpappy he has.
    5. DaleM
    6. Pikeman3
      Hope things are good.You been doin any fishin or get out into the wood at all.
    7. Ripley
      thanks john.... i didn't know you could do that.... we will be there providing nothing changes .... have a great birthday!!!
    8. Ripley
      hey john.... did you mean the break walls at the marina?.... turn in the park from 305 and go left the marina is on the right....

      i didn't know you could fish off those... let alone between them.... if this is where you talking about...
    9. Ripley
      happy birthday!!!..... and i'm glad you had a great time!!

      and your more than welcome to come out anytime... i'll let you know the next time i go...

    10. Ripley
      hi john,

      haven't seen ya around on the forum lately... how ya been?....

      also thought i'd let you know that a buddy and i are going to mosquito this thursday july 22nd.... should be there around 6pm... if you wouldl like to go your more than welcome.... we are going to shore fish somewhere... we have been at ladue the last few times we have been able to get out and are tired of catching gills, white bass/perch and bullhead ... so we are looking for something bigger.... cats and carp would be cool.... but i'm not sure on where to really find them.... and we haven't been doing to well from the causeway...

      anyway... if you would like to come out... it would great to meet you!....

      hope to see you around!.... and i hope everythings ok..
    11. Lawman60
      Hello again Carrie, It's great to hear from an out of state gal with a love for the outdoors!
      I did check out Wine Nation TV, and enjoyed what I had time to watch.
      I'm still grinning over Coturri's Victorious, aka: Boobylicious.
      Okay, so I have a sophomoric side. I just thought it was cute!
      I may not know much about wine, but I do know what I like. Catawba's are at the top of my list. They taste like summer. It's funny that you also mention Riesling wine as well, as it's only been maybe 6 or 7 years ago that I tried my first. I had been dating a woman, who was the northern Ohio regional manager of The Olive Garden restaurants. She brought over my first taste of Riesling, a German bottle, and I was hooked. Olive Garden must take their wine very seriously as they sent to Italy for three weeks to learn about wine. We didn't date for long, but see opened my eyes to some wonderful wine.
      Keep in touch and I'll update you on the fishing as the time grows near.
      Best wishes, John
    12. NiceBass66
      Hi John, my ancstors on my dad's side settled in Astabula. Just found out that bit of histlry a couple of years ago! I love the catawba wines and reislings that I had tried up there. Just didn't have much of a chance to go to very many wineries. If you like wine check out this wine show I co-produce and do the editing on called Wine Nation TV. WE are on Youtube for now, looking for a web host and sponsors at the moment. I did interviews with two wineries in the Columbus area when I was in Ohio last Oct. I just had the owners take over, I am no good in front of the camera! I am MUCH better behind it! Anyway, have a great week and keep in touch! Carrie
    13. Finn Boy
      Finn Boy
      Hi John, Thanks for the reply to my Conneaut Creek post. As you can see I have been a member of OGF for a while, but I don't post very often. I spend most of my fishing time, and time on this site, on Lake Erie. It was only chance that I seen your post heading on the Northeast Ohio section. After reading your post I felt compeled to have my say. We most likey have crossed paths in Conneaut. I grew up on Lake Rd. I am trying to accept your invation to be a friend, but I am having some difficulty. I also seem to have lost you PM. But of couse, I will be friends. John
    14. SMBHooker
      Sup, just got your friend request. You get the distinct honor of being the first one on my friend list. I know some honor huh.

      Any fishermen is a friend of mine.
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    Brookfield, Trumbull County
    Owner; Finny's Custom Rods, Retired from Law Enfor
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    Grew up in NE Ohio on the banks of Lake Erie

    Custom rod building, Fishing, hunting, photography


    John Finlaw
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