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Akron, Ohio -Portage Lakes Area
Watershed Ranger, City of Akron


from Akron, Ohio -Portage Lakes Area

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May 21, 2018 at 2:53 PM
    1. Treeman
      John, I don't know if you remember me but I've met you a couple times at LaDue. Once during an ice season and another at some God awful time in the morning. You were working and I was going trolling at my favorite time (2:30am til I get fish or fall over)
      Anyways, I response to your RANT post I responded by posting "best lure..."
      Take it easy.
      1. icebucketjohn
        Thanks fore remembering me. Great times as an Akron Watershed Ranger. It's been a shame the downtown "Suites & Bean Counters" decided Rangers were no longer needed to protect our drinking water system. I was the last...Lone Ranger. Best wishes..
        Jan 30, 2018
    2. jmshar
      Your post in Taking a Knee was spot on.... Thank you for posting it and was disappointed that they closed it.... Having served during the Vietnam era your post hit home to me personally... Thank you again.. God Bless..
    3. bruce
      Thank you john. you said it well about taking a knee. keeping on my good mam. Bruce
      1. icebucketjohn
        Oct 1, 2017
    4. papaperch
      John - Can I get to Marks using Rt44 to RT 14 intersection ? Been wanting to visit down there and this dadgum detour is a head ache. Bill ( papaperch )
      1. icebucketjohn
        Yeah that'd be the simplest route. Get on Map Quest and it might show it for you also.
        Dec 7, 2016
      hi john fished last year with you .haven't been out so far wife has been in hospital is now home and better now able to get .around. I would like to get out if you would like to hook up drop me a line.
    6. bszoke
      The best are niles
    7. greg3891
      Hey John long time no see, lol, just wandering how your doing on the ice, was out sat at east in front of bait shop and did pretty good. Heading out sat a.m. wondering how ice is and if any good fishing reports. Take care Greg
    8. greg3891
      God bless you John, time will heal, but we will never forget. I know. Hope to see you on the ice soon. Greg
    9. Portage Lakes Bait & Tack
      Portage Lakes Bait & Tack
      Hi John, I have your blades. Thanks
    10. yellowdog
      Hey John, was wondering if you got a chance to measure up that original box/ice sled in the basement? I'm not rushing you, I was just wondering. Thanks.
    11. icebucketjohn
      The City of Akron, Water Supply Division posted signs there along with the Norfolk & Western Railroad Company. (The Railroad spent months refurbishing the tressel). Both prohibit trespassing in the immediate area. One certainly takes the chance of getting a citation if you venture upstream, towards the dam).

      Contact the City of Akron, Water Supply Division, Plant Manager for further clarification.
    12. Rmelz
      Hey Ice. I've been trying to fing out everywhere but I haven't come up with any answers to my question. Can you park under the r.r. bridge on Ravenna rd, by the treatment plant? I want to fish the bridge there but I don't want to get in any trouble. I noticed there are no, no tresspassing, or no parking signs there. I talked to a portage county sheriff, and he said he wasn't sure.
    13. BASSINaDL
      ((((read from bottom post to top post, its sorta long))))
    14. BASSINaDL
      {¶ 125} The trial court found that non-motorized boating did not create a
      credible threat to Akron’s water supply. State Route 14, which, according to the
      trial court, is a major truck route and heavily traveled roadway, runs across Lake
      Rockwell, destroying any characterization of Lake Rockwell as an Endemic pool
      untouched by the unclean hand of modern man. The court also found that public
      recreational boating is allowed on many other publicly controlled lakes that
      provide drinking water for Ohioans. The court concluded as a factual matter that
      “public non-motorized boating access to Lake Rockwell will not increase the likely hood of harm to the public water supply or Lake Rockwell.” I believe that
      the trial court got it right.
      RESNICK and LUNDBERG STRATTON, JJ., concur in the foregoing opinion.
    15. BASSINaDL
      {¶ 124} The public has the right to use navigable watercourses. Pursuant
      to R.C. 743.17 and 743.25, a municipal corporation has the power to prevent or
      punish the pollution of its water supply. The record demonstrates that Akron’s
      prohibition of all navigation on Lake Rockwell is unreasonable. The prohibition
      on all boating does not bear a substantial relationship to public health, safety, and
      general welfare and is an improper use of Akron’s police power. Hudson v.
      Albrecht, Inc. (1984), 9 Ohio St.3d 69, 72, 9 OBR 273, 458 N.E.2d 852.
    16. BASSINaDL
      S{¶ 122} This court has not considered a navigability case like this before,
      in which a navigable watercourse has been dammed. Here, the trial court made
      the factual determination that the Cuyahoga River has a capacity for recreational
      boating both above and below Lake Rockwell. The majority’s citation of
      Lembeck v. Nye (1890), 47 Ohio St. 336, 24 N.E. 686, is inapposite. Like Ohio
      Water Serv., Lembeck is a case concerning an inland lake connected to no other
      navigable bodies of water.
      {¶ 123} Lake Rockwell is the impoundment of the upper Cuyahoga, a
      navigable river. I would hold that the impoundment of a navigable watercourse is
      also navigable.
    17. BASSINaDL
      I have been researching the "unfishable" lake rockwell while i have been at my dads and it sounds like its fishable from the 14 causeway. Is that true? and i found a post from a while back that sounded interesting idk if its the real thing or not so tell me what you think,

      This is the Ruling from the Supreme Court. There has to be a judge or attorney on OGF that can provide a factual and reliable interpretation. After reading this Ohio Supreme Court ruling it looks like NON-Motorized watercraft navigated into Lake Rockwell cannot be restricted.

      {¶ 35} Regarding Portage County’s claim of the public’s right of access to
      Lake Rockwell, the trial court ordered Akron to permit non-motorized recreational
      boating on the lake because the river has the capacity for recreational boating and
      Akron lacked a reasonable basis for excluding the public.

      [Cite as Portage City. Bd. of Comers. v. Akron, ___ Ohio St.3d ___, 2006-Ohio-954.]
    18. icebucketjohn
      North side... the usual, gold vibees
    19. jiggin'fool
      Hey john those are some nice walleyes! Did they come off the north or south side!
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