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May 25, 2006
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5 miles from mosquito lake


the Susan Lucci of OGF, from 5 miles from mosquito lake

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May 21, 2018 at 5:45 PM
    1. fishon
      Hey Tom : would you be interested in helping to me to catch first pike on the fly on Mosquito lake - pick any steakhouse after and its on me - call me at 440-521-3621 or email frank.zubel@nlcloans.com
    2. Tuna Can
      Tuna Can
      I want to go Northern fishing with with you, Tom! I am hoping that your locations are not super secret! My name is Dean. My cell number is 440 821 0551.
    3. stormfront
      tom, any plans to make some more youtube videos soon?
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      2. ezbite
        sure, got a couple in mind, just need to get another charger for my canon, im not a fan of the gopro
        Feb 27, 2016
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      3. stormfront
        glad to hear this.
        Feb 28, 2016
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    4. kirkad
      I would contact bulldog on here he's a buddy of mine and he makes my spinner baits for a good price. He hand ties the skirts so they never come off and you can use a snap ring in the eye. I use the heck out of them and have never lost a skirt on bass or musky.
    5. yobytram
      hey there ez. In your opinion do you thnk that ice has had enough time to be fishable. Since Thursday that is.
    6. LastShadow
      nice Yak setup..captain
    7. eyeballs
      Hey Tom are you able to fish pyme this week one day? My lund ...can meet ya there or sumthing
    8. Agitation Free
      Agitation Free
      Nice video. I was taught to use chicken livers in cheese cloth for bait. Works great. I'm sure you're turtle made for some great soup. :bowl:
    9. B-lou
      Tom...I am coming up again Thurs morning can you help me out with some #s......I am still not going to keep my mouth shut just wont mention you this time:-).......Bob
    10. ONE-SHORT
      Saturday supposed to be south winds 50/50 t-storms, are you going out of Astb or Conn? Hoping the wet 50 holds off till afternoon. TC
    11. B-lou
      Tom.....do you belong on facebook ......Bob
    12. ONE-SHORT
      Like the pure enjoyment of the videos..i'm a dipsey guy to the core learning new ways not to catch fish. TC
    13. beetlebailey
      just saw you post on bow fishing carp. good job... cut one up but leave skin on for the turtles... when ever you want to go turtling let me know, best days for me in on sundays , working 6 days a week... heres my # 330-977-0234 tim.... ill show you how to catch em, ( trust me)!!!!!
    14. sonar
      HELLO,ezbite! sonar here ,I was just talking on the cell,to John,D. from Milton,Diamond,area we fish allot together,and he,I, need some walleye time ! So your name came up as we were discussing options ,Milton has 10'of shoreline open, holding run-off water for some reason? Anyways we were wondering, ( ----- ABOUT, MOSQUITO ------ EDIT),,, if you might have some good news about the s/w corner by the marina parking lot? HOPING! that might be do-able??? APPRECIATE!!! any info! ---------sonar........Vince*******
    15. Tuna Can
      Tuna Can
      EZ, I thought I'd ask you cus I know you fished with George quite a bit. I was looking to send him a PM about what his future held as far as duty station and whether or not he was staying in the Cleveland area and I seem to come up with that his profile shows he is banned from OGF. Is this true or am I misreading/misunderstanding something on the site?
    16. sam kegg
      sam kegg
      im open to anything in nice shape
    17. turkeymikey
      Tom...Did I see you going out of Elm Road plaza yesterday around 1??
      I couldn't catch up to you but, I think it was you!
    18. turkeymikey
      Tom, No problem. If you need some help just yell! That George is too much. He is sure reaching celeberty status! He is a good sport about it all. "George..Our tax dollars at work" LOL I think his ragging on everyone how he was going to whip everyones ass in Hogfest showed him about a bit of humility! LOL...I bet he was a wreck on the last day!
    19. turkeymikey
      Tom, I sent you a PM the other day and maybe you didn't get it. I am sort of a half ass carpenter. I can do pretty much anything and I would be happy to help you on your problem. I know how to fix it. It is not as serious of a problem as you might think. Anyways, I am sort of retired and have time and don't charge anything to OGF'R s...Might take a fishing trip for pay though! Anyways if you want my help just yell.

    20. Gju42486
      found this surfin the net.......how cute!

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