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Mar 17, 2018 at 10:37 PM
Nov 22, 2006
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Marblehead, Ohio


from Marblehead, Ohio

still kickin' May 15, 2015

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Mar 17, 2018 at 10:37 PM
    1. Todd Wilson
      Todd Wilson
      Boatnut, you mentioned Bass Haven. They have good feedback online, have you had any experience with them?
    2. OSUdaddy
      My apologies Mike. I got you confused with boataholic. This message was meant for him.

      Sorry. My bad.

    3. OSUdaddy
      My apologies Mike. I got you confused with boataholic. This message was meant for him.

      Sorry. My bad.

    4. boatnut
      still kickin'
    5. hearttxp
      Hey glad to see your back on ogf ! Down in the Fla keys right now. Have one more week then home to that **** weather. Later wojo
    6. GOOSE48
      Has there been a perch bite across the line this year yet?
    7. jeepdude64
      i'll be up this weekend plan on fishing around gull where i hit them last week. we are staying at mar-lu with my son and another kid. let me know if your going for a beer after on saturday. My boat is HatTrick i will give ya a shout on the radio.
    8. zig-zag
      Mike see your boat is still out have you been out went to lakeside lastnight and got 3 - 2.5lb - 3.5lb and a 31 inch 10.5 lb hope to go tonight but might be to windy talk to you later george
    9. GOOSE48
      was wondering if you heard of any eyes biting lately heading up tomorrow and was going to try sat, morning for some maybe.
    10. GOOSE48
      Any lake shinners that you know of? We have been getting monster perch north west of pelee.
    11. GOOSE48
      If you hear of a good bite on either side please let me know I will be up friday for 2 weeks thanks Bill
    12. GOOSE48
      Have you been across since this new call in has started and if so any problems?
    13. GOOSE48
      Just letting you know i ended up perching the last 3 days and cut 450 off of Lucy's about 200 yards east of the can. They were on fire.
    14. neffy85
      Hey Mike! Finally makinn it up to fish this weekend. Have been up a few times getting thing all ready but not fished yet...almost depressing!
      I will give you a shout Friday or saturday.
      We will probably start around gull and work that area if we can
      I will give you. A shout!
    15. lumberjack
      I will take the 60 for the Radio call me to make arrangements 614-623-1281 will be tree rat hunting this morning leave message with a number if I don" t answer and I will get back to you. Thanks
    16. ProKat22
      Anyway in the next 3 hours we ended up boating 8 nice walleyes. The wind and lake picked up late afternoon and we drifted for our last 4. Nothing huge from what I read on here but biggest was 26 1/2 inches with most 20-24. We got all of them along a north/south line a 1/2 mile long and about 1/2 mile north of the northeast point of the dumping grounds. Alot of the other boats yesterday were complaining of bad catches on the radio. I'm back at the firehouse today. How did you do?
    17. ProKat22
      Hi Mike,
      well we only got to fish on Monday but did pretty good ending up with our 12. Spent most of the morning just playing around with the new Humminbird. Tried perch for a little bit since lake was flat and no wind, but hard time telling what was perch on the bottom and what were mayflies just coming from mud. Still don't know which was which but ended up with only 1 perch. Early afternoon tried casting a bit but boat wasn't moving at all. as i told you, we always cast and had no real trolling setup with us, but I did have a couple of the Redneck inlines that I bought last year just in case. So we threw a 1 oz on our 2 regular casting rods, shut 1 motor down and moved on idle with the other one. No real idea how far back or how deep we were since we don't even have line counters (yet).
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