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  1. Feed, Cull and Breed your Worms

    Feed, Cull, and Breed your Worms Hello again fellow anglers, today I’m going to address feeding and breeding your worms. Before we start that conversation, there’s one more method of worm storage we should discuss, that being outside bins and gardens. If you have a garden or a compost heap, these are excellent, ready-made places for worms to live, thrive and breed. It’s among the easiest ways, you don’t have to do much but dig once in a while; doing that keeps the soil loose...
  2. Featured

    Keep your Worms Alive

    This article will get us started on housing our worms, please watch in the near future; in the next installment we'll chat about feeding and caring for those squirming rascals to get them nice and fat.
  3. Live bait

    Hello fellow fishing enthusiasts. When I was about 6 years old, I was at the old Chippewa Lake Park, between rides, having a picnic lunch with my family when I noticed a fish hook tied to a few feet of line lying on the ground. With the help of my grandfather I tied it to a stick; put on a piece of hot dog with another small stick tied on as a bobber, and caught my first fish, a bluegill. That began a lifelong passion, and in my over 60 years of fishing, I have been all over the state...