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Winter in Florida so far

Discussion in 'Fishing Reports - Out of State' started by talltim, Dec 20, 2016.

  1. afishinfool

    afishinfool Fishin is livin

    Istokpoga for crappie..jig pole, 10' to 12' and a 1/32 to 1/16 jighead with a tube skirt...up in the grass. May be coming down for 2 weeks in 2 weeks.Stay in Lake Placid but fishing Istokpoga exclusively for crappie.
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  2. End of the month update. After several days of high winds and cold temperatures ( for Florida) and not being able to get out on the lake, finished the month off with 27 yesterday afternoon and 17 more this morning. Big fish yesterday was a 3.4 and today was a 4.7 that put the fish counter up to 768 for the first two months down here, but still no real big ones. Friday we move over to a friends house on istapoga to dog set while they are on a trip so hopefully I can find one of the big girls in that lake. A friend got a 8.15 over there the other day. That's it for now hello to all my ogf friends. ImageUploadedByOhub Campfire1485889234.613785.jpg

  3. great update tim. i'd be happy with the 17 in a day. but 27 is great. theres a little pond in tn that I sometimes get to fish. but we only fish it for a couple of hours in late afternoon until its almost dark. we usually catch around 25 to 30 between the 2 of us. but haven't got the big girls to hit yet. but they are there. we see them hit the top of the water just out of casting range. and its in late may when we fish it. 1 more day and a wake up and i'll be on my way to port st lucy. keep the pictures and updates coming. I just checked the weather for psl and its showing upper 70's to low 80's the next 10 days.
  4. Yea, Sherman you should be hitting the weather just right. Looking forward to your reports. Have a safe trip down.
  5. Boy it is good to be back on lake June, after spending 2 weeks on lake istapoga and only catching 4 bass in 5 trips out , first morning back over here was able to put 34 in the boat. Nothing real big 2.5 lbs was the largest, but sure bets going 2 hrs between bits. The day we had to move over to istapoga I had a good pattern going here and hated to leave, that morning I had got a 3 a 3.5 and a 4.6 . Now our dog setting duty is over, I can get back to looking for the real big girl that is in this lake somewhere. ImageUploadedByOhub Campfire1487353198.188279.jpg
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  6. great to hear your still at it. the weather has just been awesome since I got down here. not getting anything near the numbers you've been getting. but enough to keep us coming back. and we've caught some nice fish. I don't know if its the warm weather or what but the black drum just isn't in the place were fishing. I don't even remember how long we've fished this spot and I've always done good on them.

    you take care and keep the pictures coming. and a little info on how you caught the fish on that day would be nice.
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  7. Sherman glad you are enjoying the weather, it's been amazing this winter. The big fish day all the fish were caught skipping a green pumpkin and pearl senko under docks with deep water under them. Todays fish were caught on a ledge in 16 fow with a drop shot and zoom green pumpkin 4" worm or a swimbait.
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