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The perfect managed and prospering Ohio deer herd

Discussion in 'Bucks and Does' started by hopin to cash, Feb 28, 2015.

  1. All well and good. Now I have not hunted my area since 2012 because of EHD, but I have a neighbor who hunted the 3 deer left. I cannot control that. Also, I cannot control what people do on public or private land I don't own. So yes, a lot of us are at the mercy of what the ODNR decides to do as an agency, so it is not too much for people like me to expect our interest be looked after as well.
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  2. I'm going to check out of this one for now... nice play on words Lundy... you want to blame me? I've hunted with a damn camera over the past few years mostly. Have culled a few scrub bucks on our secret piece of heaven though. That's fine you blame me though could you send me the money you're given the ODNR over the years now. I enjoy that the ODNR has gotten into the logging and even oil industry also it's all to benefit the hunters... lmao at the people who think it's all the public fault... none of us got rich only shot deer to improve the herd as we were told!!!

  3. Man up. You pulled the trigger. Coming here crying once a year won't help a damn thing.

    Everyone that pulled the trigger helped with the current deer population. The odnr didn't make anyone pull the trigger. Keep blaming everyone but yourself if it makes you feel better. The blame game is suppose to end in grade school. It's time to accept responsibility for what you and every other hunter has done. We all make our own decisions in life and should expect to admit the results of those actions.
    The discussion should be more about how the heck to fix the problem not to keep blaming the odnr. They have a much different agenda than the hunters do.
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  4. Quit using the word 'we' or 'us'...because you obviously are the minority...I'm not saying the deer herd is anymore abundant now than it has been in the past...but I've never felt the need to kill more than 1 deer a year anyway...even when bag limits were raised...and if I did, I definitely wouldnt be bitching about the population...most hunters are lucky to kill one deer a year...and thats how it should's called hunting for a reason.
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  5. Flathead76

    Flathead76 Carp53.65

    Exactly! I'm lucky in the fact that I have multiple places to hunt. In a few of the areas I will not shoot a doe. They just do not have the amount of deer to kill a doe on. Why hammer deer on places that do not have the numbers. It only takes beans off your plate in future years.
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  6. Lundy

    Lundy Staff Member

    hoping to cash,

    Please don't miss my intended point. I am not always in agreement with the management polices of the ODNR, but I am fully aware of the difficult job that they have to managing all of the wildlife resources and balancing for the needs of all vested interests.

    They, through their evaluation process determined that the deer population needed to be reduced. They never hid that population management plan, they openly promoted the harvest of many more deer statewide to reduce the population through public announcements, increased bag limits and reduced tag pricing. The intent was loud and clear.

    They certainly tried to sell the benefit of less deer to hunters as beneficial to the deer itself. Charts and graphs with deer densities, how antler size was declining, over browsing, etc, etc, etc. I am sure what they presented was factual but feel it was oversold to the hunting community to create enthusiasm for the task ahead, which was killing more deer, lots of more deer.

    The problem arises, and also creates a huge challenge to the ODNR is how to evenly reduce a deer herd that is not evenly distributed across the state. They can't, which leads to different reductions in different areas even different areas withing the same county. Their changes in the bag limits and managing now more by county versus by huge zones should show that they are no managing the results of the initial statewide mass reduction they set out to achieve.

    I am not trying to be overly critical of a hunter that killed a bunch of deer during the times of high population and increased opportunity if they believed they were doing it for all of the right reasons that the ODNR laid out to them. However If the ODNR tells you there are too many deer on the property you hunt I think the hunter can make a more informed assessment than the ODNR and manage their deer harvest accordingly.

    My single biggest problem isn't the hunter participation in the herd reduction plan it is the attempt by these same hunters to now lay total responsibility and accountability on anyone but themselves for the current status of their local deer population (EHD aside, that is all on to itself a different problem). Many say they didn't know what they were doing, they were mislead by the ODNR. I say that would serve to illistrate either a blatant lack of understanding of the resource or a less than honest position. When someone states that on public lands "brown it's down" on our private lands "more selective" has a problem selling to me that their efforts were a result of the ODNR plan. The ODNR never said the population is way too high on public lands, kill more, but not as many on private properties.

    Again, The ODNR clearly stated their goals, hunters gleefully participated, the reduction has occurred, recent regulation change is in place to manage the reduced population, hunters are going to see less deer today as a whole than previously. Going forward only hunters, not the ODNR(minus a closed season), can have any impact of the future of their local deer populations, higher or lower.

    I'm sure you are a really nice guy so please forgive my frustration towards those that continue to blame the ODNR. I just can't get there and have trouble understanding those that do.
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  7. You sir bobk hit it right on the spot when you said ODNR and hunters are not on the same agenda... that alone is a man up statement... I will man up... hell I'm using a damn camera most of the time... until next year fellas Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
  8. Merry Christmas to you as well.

    Good post Kim.
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  9. Excellent post Lundy. I agree with just about all of it. Can you give us your thoughts on why the DOW threw the baby out with the bath water so to speak by not coming out with different tag numbers or regulations for public lands in the past several years. They know full well and saw that that the result of the cheap and plentiful tags would impact public lands the most but never did a thing to remedy this. Are we to believe the public lands then needed more deer reduced than private? Did they not care? I just can't grasp this lack of management action. The one size fits all approach has decimated many areas of public lands. Would you agree they could of, should of done better by the land we all own (public) and none of us as individual hunters can do much to control? Where they were needed the most they dropped the ball in my view. I agree hunters as a whole are responsible but just as responsible is the organization paid by our tax dollars to manage and they failed to truly manage the public herd with any thought to those that primarily hunt it.
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  10. Lundy

    Lundy Staff Member

    As I stated, I don't always agree with the ODNR. The management of public versus private lands is one I struggle to underrstand. I am sure however that they don't just blindly set regulation, I'm sure it is a long and thoughtful process, I just dont't know the criteria used to arrive at their conclusions.

    I do know that on one of the hunter surveys a couple of years ago there was a question asking about "would you be in favor of limiting access to some public lands to improve the hunting experience" I don't know the outcome of the survey or where they are going in the future with that but I am 100% sure they recognize the disparity between hunting private and public and will try and do something to improve public hunting at some point.
  11. Some of you could make up a flyer and drop it in your neighbors mailbox to open discussion to help your individual herd.

    Human's are a goofy bunch. I stopped to help one of my neighbors a few years ago and we started talking hunting. I revealed that I'm mostly a trophy hunter and go years between kills. He then explains He used to be that way but the next neighbor down from him was shooting all the deer. So his logic changed to kill them before his neighbor Well it took awhile but I think we are all on the same page now and the results are starting to show. Sometimes you just have to get out and open some dialogue.
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  12. Absolutely they could have and should have done more for the public land.
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  13. Thanks for taking the time to reply. Good input. Helps me understand where folks are coming from on this one. They did a survey again recently regarding public land deer hunting sad part is the survey results are in and the majority of hunters did not agree with the ideas offered to reduce the pressure on public lands. I felt part of that is to be expected (hard to find hunters willing to give up opportunities to hunt) the other part is they did not offer very good options. They then took these results and with them in hand said "hunters don't support changes to public lands". Not a good reason to take no action in my view. All of a sudden they seem to need or want hunter support? Made no sense to me. Bottom line I am doing my part this season. Does are getting a pass so I will be hunting small game only the remainder of the season. Gives me a chance to walk more as god knows I need the exercise.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours!
  14. Guys, I have total respect for any one to have their own opinion, but as far as I am concerned the ODNR is out in left field when it comes to game resource management. I don't know if it is the governor, or the head of the agency, or the biologist. I don't mean just deer either. I can take You to public hunting areas that are just appalling. They were purchased and have never been managed. I find the do nothing attitude they have is an insult. I have no confidence in them at all.
  15. Do you get the survey each year? I still don't understand why everyone doesn't get the survey.
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  16. The perfectly managed deer herd ? Perfectly managed for who, farmers,insurance co or hunters?
    If Odnr want's lower deer numbers we'll get lower numbers. If farmers around me want lower numbers there are always going to be hunters willing to shoot deer regardless of what I do. If landowners can't find hunters willing to do the job they will do it themselves or get nuisance/ damage permits, Odnr is in control of deer numbers, sport hunting has always been the most effective and least expensive but there are other ways to control numbers and they will do what it takes to accomplish the task.
    GOOD luck and Good Hunting !​
  17. What survey? I have hunted Ohio since 1965 and have never heard of a survey. Sorry. They don't want a deer to come out of a public hunting area and get hit by a car or eat a soy bean from some one's cash crop.
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  18. I've never got one either. I've read several posts on different sites where guys get surveys.
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  19. The survey that was aimed at public land options was a paper survey passed out at the ODNR table at last years Deer and Turkey Expo in Columbus. The results are posted on the DOW website as a part of their deer summary I think.
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  20. I have only got a survey one time. It was under the windshield wiper after hunting public land all day..
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