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Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by BaitWaster, Apr 17, 2017.

  1. Did a quick little wade today to see where my bronze buddys where hanging.... keitech stikes again!


    Wanted to take a better pic but I was standing in the middle of a mud field. The fish hit in shallow water about 3 feet deep. Quite possibly a spawning area. Lots of pea gravel and weed beds. You guys think they might be staging for the spawn already?
  2. Dolomieu

    Dolomieu Trifly

    Nice bronze! In some of the creeks they may be getting ready. The river I mainly fish, not yet.

  3. BuzzBait Brad

    BuzzBait Brad River Angler

    Very nice. I've been wondering about staging for spawn too.
  4. Nice smallie Bw. What hook/jig head do you use for your Keitechs?
  5. I think it was a 4/0 ewg 1/8th oz screw lock swimbait hook. Not sure of the brand. Maybe Berkley. They had some on sale at cabelas last year. My terminal tackle box tends to get mixed up easily. The Keitech was the fat swing impact in green minnow flash.
  6. Thanks Bw, I need to add a few more Keitechs to my arsenal this year.
  7. Screw locks are the best by far for swimbaiting!!!!! Good call.
  8. ML1187

    ML1187 Bucks, Smallies, Flatties & Kayaks

    You the Keitech master bro !!! Nice job
  9. Saugeye Tom

    Saugeye Tom River Pilgrim & Sojourner

    Nice bass be.....i do beleive the spawn is around a short corner.....1 have saw beds already......largemouth! ..So I think the smallies are heading on now...T.
  10. Went out to take a water temp reading last night at the river BaitWaster. Water was much warmer than the air temps.

    They smallies are putting smooth jazz on and setting mood lighting...almost time to take their laddies to the beds.

    Water temp was 64 degrees!!!!!
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  11. Flannel_Carp

    Flannel_Carp The Flan With A Plan

  12. Nice Fish! And based on what I've seen this past week they are getting ready to spawn.
  13. What have ya seen?
  14. BuzzBait Brad

    BuzzBait Brad River Angler

    I love screw lock swimbait hooks!
  15. Aggressive males in shallow spawning areas fanning the nests, or at least that's what I assumed they were doing. I'm no expert by any means ;) And thanks for the C-Shad tips! I've been having good luck on these with these pre-spawn fish.
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  16. 9Left


    nice bass BW!
    Heres the facts:
    1) spring is here
    2) trees are budding
    3) I am hunting morel mushrooms
    4) 75 degree days/ 50 to 60 degree
    nights are here
    5) ya caught a nice smallmouth in 3
    feet of water.
    ... yes... bass are ready to spawn , and very very soon!
  17. I thought I just said that. :D:p
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  18. What do you consider a "spawning area" Im all over the largies in lakes and ponds but want to catch smallies and sadly have no clue were to start, but i do know that to use..
  19. RiparianRanger

    RiparianRanger formerly known as BronzebackFanatic

    Have seen largemouth fanning beds in ponds. Couple nights ago got into a few smallies in skinny water that sure looked plump with eggs.
  20. 9Left


    anywhere out of the current with some cover
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