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Seneca Lake Launch

Discussion in 'Southeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Greg McQuaid, Feb 15, 2017.

  1. Is it possible to launch this coming sat.?
  2. Water level is 5 ft below summer pool. Ramps can be used. I can launch my 17 ft v. Keep motor trimmed up. If you think you need more water under your boat use the gravel to the side of the ramp. 4x4 would be a good thing
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  3. I was at this ramp a few days ago. I'm not trying it and the deep rut's off to the side where some guys have got in I'm not trying either. I took a pic but can't find it to post now.
  4. IMG_0993.JPG IMG_0992.JPG When the water is down 5 ft from summer pool like it is now there is 3 ft of water on the ramps I know it dosent sound like that much but that's enough for my boat. 17 ft v with 50 hp. The pics are the gravel to the side of the ramp taken today. As you can see there isn't huge ruts to deal with. I've launched my boat plenty of times off that bank when the lake is drawed down 8 ft or more for winter. At 8 ft draw down there is no water on the ramps.
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