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??????????? Hoyer???????? 10/26/14 - (61 replies)
15 points in six quarters of football vs two winless teams. And 3 of those were the defenses. Maybe time to take the dark glasses off coach and see what in the %^$#@&*^%#$ going on out on the field.
I was just thinking the other day... 10/28/14 - (34 replies)
...while I was waiting to pay $1.00 for AIR at the stop and rob! (that's my generic name for all those convenience stores) I felt I had to do it because my stupid idiot light came on saying I had a low tire and the wife got nervous. So we pay a buck for air and then we go inside and pay a buck or two...
Steelheading Net 10/29/14 - (18 replies)
I've finally gotten fed up with trying to land steelhead with a landing hand. I've lost a couple already this season trying to get my glove out. I've been looking at nets and am unsure of what size net I should be getting. Also the prices are all over the place. I wade and usually use a 11.5 foot...
Buck down 10/27/14 - (16 replies)
Went out yesterday morning for my first time in the stand been work 6 10s sense first of September Had few nice bucks on cam but all at night but didn't care wanted to just get in the stand about 855 pick a can call hit it a couple times then some soft grunts with a little horn tickling and 5 mins...
stainless steel guides? 10/27/14 - (16 replies)
good, bad? all of my rods have either ceramic or aluminum oxide inserts. i picked up a fenwick eagle today and couldn't get over the lightness. i won't buy until i hear some ideas on them. thanks for any input.
Rocky River 10/3/14 - (106 replies)
Ok so a friend and I were fishing the rocky for smallies and steelhead recently and ran into another guy fishing... but he was fishing from his property... we chatted for a little bit and he told us we were on private property.... but yet we were wading the river. So anyone know if anyone can own parts...
NCAA Football Playoffs 10/23/14 - (93 replies)
Here's an interesting read on the undefeated and 1 loss teams vying for the 4 playoff positions. It should be interesting in a couple weeks when the teams start playing each other.
Browns Steelers 10/8/14 - (74 replies)
Going into this season, many people including myself projected the Browns defense as being one of the best in the league. That prediction seems laughable up to this point. You have to expect some adjustment struggles with new coaches and schemes, but I never envisioned them looking quite this bad. Especially...
??????????? Hoyer???????? 10/26/14 - (61 replies)
15 points in six quarters of football vs two winless teams. And 3 of those were the defenses. Maybe time to take the dark glasses off coach and see what in the %^$#@&*^%#$ going on out on the field.
Who's afraid of Jaguars? 10/18/14 - (57 replies)
Mark me down as one who is. If you have been a Browns fan for very long at all, you know how these things can go. This will more than likely be a much harder game than some are expecting. Forget about their record, any NFL team can catch fire on any given Sunday. The same old Browns would easily figure...
Snow 11/1/14 - (No replies)
Enough snow to cover all the grass areas. I woke around 1:30 and it was really putting it down. Going to be a nasty day according to the Weather Ch.
And now for something completely different 11/1/14 - (1 reply)
Squirrels by crossbow...
Been doing it wrong all this time... 11/1/14 - (No replies)
38 MPG Muskie trolling with a Toyota Corolla... !!!
Leetonia Deer Expo 11/1/14 - (No replies)
Our 10th annual Deer Expo will be December 14, 2014. There will be too much happening to put in here, but email or PM me and I'll email you a flyer. Whatever we make above expenses will go to our youth & conservation efforts. This year our totally free Kid's Day had 888 kids attend!
Old trail cam pics 11/1/14 - (5 replies)
Shuffling through old pics. How many inches do you think this guy went?
Evinrude 9.9 2 stroke 1993 Orginal owner 11/1/14 - (No replies)
Evinrude 9.9 long shaft 1993. Its rope start with 475-500 hours. I bought new in August of 1994. Engine was used mainly for trolling. I had fuel intake on engine replaced last summer at Spillway Marine and he said compression was very good. Feel free to email me at or ask any questions here or pm me....
Bag of Halloween candy 11/1/14 - (1 reply)
Nice selection of tasty treats! Kid only sampled a few, I'll consider a discount since some are half eaten! Trade for Ciscos or HDS 12!!
rapala shadraps #5 and #7 11/1/14 - (No replies)
I have 32 shadraps to sell 130.00 shipped paypal to
Looking for a Hot foot 10/31/14 - (No replies)
Anyone have one for sale?
Larson/Lund erie boat $3000 10/31/14 - (No replies)
Really nice running 23ft Larson/Lund fishing boat with a tandom Trailmaster Trailer. This boat may have a few years on her but when you hear her run you will be satisfied!!! It has trim tabs,anchor, ship to shore cb, plenty of storage, am/fm radio. This boat takes on waves smooth and rides great. 305...
Can anyone suggest a NICE west basin marina for dockage? 10/5/14
NO bait? Did i read that wrong?
Sheffield Lake Perch 9/16/14
Fished a large school of small perch, nice sized white perch, and award winning sheepers today, in 51 f.o.w., off the condo's. Take LOTS of shinners, you'll be serving them up!!!!
Poor Day 8/27/14
Poor day out of Gordon Park on Tuesday 8/26. On water with 4 fishing at 9 am due north to 47-48FOW with 6 other boats. Marked many fish,but no bites. At 10:30 went to Crib where all fish were up high and 5 boats said they were carching nothing. Returned to original area now in closer at 45 FOW with 18...
Super Moon 8/10/14
Moon smoon. Just fish... actually last year in june during a SUPER moon(looked like you could reach out a touch it) was a pretty great trip! But later found out from a veryknowledgeable ogfer that the moon brought the crawdads out to spawn. And thats what heated up the bite,not the actual moon... I...
Take the sting out of small Catfish fins 6/10/14
[quote=kapposgd;1845825]Rub the area that got stung with the slime on the belly of the catfish Sent from my DROID RAZR using Ohub Campfire mobile app[/quote] That does work. I get stung at least a few times a year catching small channels for flathead bait.
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