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Body shop boat painting

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Default Body shop boat painting

I have a 2004 Lund that is two tone, red on top and pewter on the bottom half.

I am doing a complete graphics change and have removed them from one side today. As expected there is some paint fade and the normal nicks and scratches on the red, the pewter is pristine.

I have a local graphics company that I am working with on the graphics and he could do a wrap of just the top red half of the boat or I could have the red portion repainted and have him just make the graphics to install on the new painted surface.

Does anyone here work in a body shop that could provide a little insight on having this painted, what I should ask, what kind of paint, etc. Just want to have a little better understanding before I start calling around.

The part I need painted in 16" high by 20-10" long on each side.

Any suggestions of where to call would also be appreciated.

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I have a friend that is a painter at a caddy dealership and he says that you can use auto finishes on a boat (but not below the water line) because the paints never actually drys over time the solvents bleed from the paint and will form blisters below the water line, that's why most alum boats are painted with epoxy based paints. Get a price to have a wrap made verses paint and graphics, paint work ain't cheap..

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It will be a little pricey. About the same labor and materials to paint two sides of a car. Red is an expensive paint color also. If the scratches are not down to the primer maybe a good polishing with a buffer and compound before applying your new graphics?
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