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Wanted Norton Ghost Plus Restore CDs That Do Not Work

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Default Wanted Norton Ghost Plus Restore CDs That Do Not Work

Hey I was looking for any CD or DVD restore disks for any computers you may have. Mostly Norton systrem works 2005 or newer as got 2004 now but the ghost is a dos version and starting 2005 it was windows run and you can see it throw the info to what ever. yet you was still in windows. for sure as newer version windows came along so did ghost have upgrade to go new version as Vista and windows 7. last version I seen was ghost 12 and the 12 is like 2012 year made for windows 7. can use the key they come with. I like get any older or newer restore disks from you name it computers. just try restore the disks as I got a program that is and does take info off damaged CDs and DVDs and maybe only one has this program. it is older program that had a run in with copy write and it was banned by court as it did not give a hoot to copy guard and will copy and resalvage all on the CDs or DVDs placed in it. takes some time as up to 24 hours to get badly damaged DVDs info off the damaged DVD. I will give you a fair shake on what you Norton Ghost or Norton System works that has ghost plus other programs as a package are worth. if there not damaged fine got have working key with it to activate it as starting in 2005 they was doing as MS and you needed heyto activate it. my 2005 System works key onlyactivate my Ghost a few times then refused to acivate any more and says the activate was done to end it be. Like get any good progrms that are damaged to play with try to get them to work once again. you name em. any one read this if you got a windows disks that refueses to work I have salvaged lot them and can try get yours to work once more. need keep my idle hands moveing as the rule is idle hands get into mischeif. LOL
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