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Venison Summer Sausage

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Default Venison Summer Sausage

Okay, I know we have some sausage pros on here (insert off colored joke here). I've never messed around with making sausage but recently my wife tried some that a friend made and she loved it, now she's asking that I look into making some with some of the deer meat we have in the freezer. Couple questions:

1. What's the difference between Summer Sausage and Trail Bologna?
2. Obviously I will need a grinder - can I get away with a hand grinder if we're just making small batches (20 lb's per season).
3. All of my meat is frozen right now - is it okay to defrost, make the sausage, cook, and refreeze?
4. Any online spice vendors you guys would recommend, we're wanting something with a littke kick to it, not too much but enough to give it some flavor.
5. Any cuts of meat I should focus on using or avoiding? I have a lot of roasts and steaks but I also have a lot of burger.
6. Do I have to smoke it or can I just cook it in the old kitchen over.
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Check out bass pro or go directly to LEM's website. They sell a premeasured spice pack for summer sausage.
You could also do a search and find some recipes for good summer sausage.
Also, a hand grinder/stuffer will work but I'll warn you that once you start you'll want to make other recipes!
Lastly, unthawing and refreezing should not be a big deal but fresh is certainly better. Just be sure to unthaw in the frig and use ASAP. I hope this helps...!
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check out buckeye outdoors the last time i was there they some spices there for what you need, but i would call first just in case.
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I've went to make summer sausage one time and realized that it is cheaper to find someone who does it. Unless you have everything to do it.

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Default Spice Packs for making EVERYTHING

Google "Con Yeager Spices".
I'm on their truck rt. They drop off bulk box at my DOOR!

I used their trail bolagna mix this year to make my slim-jims.
i added more garlic powder & red pepper powder for EXTRA kick!

Came out the best ever. I Add 3 cups water to 20# meat mix, then stuff in the casings. 250* Oven for 2-2 1/2 hrs, till rosey red. Done well but still very juicy inside!

OR Google or go to Gander Mnt.,,, and get the 'High Mountain" Hickory blend stix mix.
Mine's ALMOST ALL GONE! I Need Another Road Kill!!

PS. These stix are habit forming. (just ask Rivarat!) YOU'LL END UP BUYING A CABELAS 3/4hp Commercial grinder/ stuffer,,, just to keep up!! LMBO!
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We use LEM Garlic and cracked pepper summer sausage kit. We have used frozen, but made sure it was thawed all the way and drained. Summer sausage is a little bit bigger than trail bologna. As far as taste goes I don't know the difference we always make summer sausage, make it in the over. LEM has oven direction on the box!
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