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Fish Guts in the garden

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Default Fish Guts in the garden

Even though I have a nice multi-bin compost unit, during the non-growing months, I'll dig a deep hole & bury all the fish guts, bones & entrails. I'll put chicken wire & rebar over it to prevent varmit digging.

I think it helps with the veggies.

Anybody else do it?
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I used to bury carp in Dad's garden. The cats got too bad he wouldn't let me anymore. The chicken wire is a good idea.
I'm sure it does help the plants. Isn't that what the indians taught the pilgrims?
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as a kid my neighbor always had me bury my fish guts/carcasses in his garden, he would take all that i could bring. he was half Native American and said his family has always burried fish in their gardens and swore by it. now that i am into gardening i have been doing it as well. after i start my plants i will start burrying fish/guts along them until i have no room left. 3 years ago i went and speared a bunch of carp and burried 1 next to each tomato plant, the results were amazing that year! never had i harvested so many tomato's! if you remember my Garden pics 2011 thread my tomato plants grow in excess of 10ft each year. i do believe its the fish/guts/dead bait that i bury thru the season that makes them growm like crazy.

i have some carp frozen now in my deep freeze for spring. made the mistake and burried them one year in early winter and they remeained frozen/partially decomposed until i tilled the dirt over in the spring.....

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When I get back from NY, I'll have a bunch of Salmon carcasses. They are excellent for burial, due to the fast rate of decomposition of their flesh. I just till the old garden up B4 the trip, and place the cut chunks in the ground and cover. My veggies come out first rate every year, and I never have to fertilize them at all.
Just gotta make sure to pull the weeds out asap, or they will explode, lol..
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Default Well

That's where mine and the neighbors go is in our gardens. Never have any trouble usually with any thing digging them up. But we plant 2-3 feet and bury in the isle ways. It will leach out. We also use lots of grass on the isles and maybe the rotting stops the smell.
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Default guts

my dad had a small orchard , we buried meny a carp around the trees ,biggest apples you ever saw. never gave it a though , but dad said load up, were going carp,en.
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Hooked up a bud a few years back with tons of perch carcasses.
He had huge veggies, but his wife got angry 'cause he'd leave the bucket o'guts outside
before he dug them in and they got rather ripe a few times......
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When I was a kid , my dad had a contact at a marina in northern Michigan that would give him multiple 55 gal. barrels of salmon guts from a fish cleaning station or something. We'd haul them home in his truck , then pick out any useable skein , and then he would dig shallow trenches in the garden , put the guts in them , bury them to winter over and till in the spring. Between doing that and tilling in leaves and other compost , he had some of the best garden soil in the area.
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Yep... been doing it all my adult life. In this land of clay I've got some of the blackest richest soil this side of Kentucky, get some mighty nice maters n cucs also. Just be sure to get em deep enough (a foot will do it) or the coons will get em out and drag em around.
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The wife also makes me save a few for her rose bushes

Had a neighbor once that let his dog run loose and liked to spend time in my garden. I buried some fish guts in an unused corner real shallow. He came over and rolled in them like I figured he would (He was kept in the house at night) After that, I never saw him at my place again!
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