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Chagrin River Question???

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Default Chagrin River Question???

Ok. I figured i would go check out the Chagrin River today to see if i could go fishing there. I went to the Chagrin Lake Park and walked the trail and i just dont see how the world any fish could be in that river? at the middle of the lake the water level was 12'' at best? i followed the river and most of it was about 6'' deep. What am i missing here? i tried to follow the river more but the park ended. Where are people fishing in this river at? and what are they catching? I am new to fishing so i am just trying to get some info if this is a dumb question please feel free to delete it. I just dont understand how you can catch some of the fish people say they ae catching in 6'' of water???
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At this moment the Chagrin Flow is at 58 CFS. That is a pretty low flow. The areas that hold fish during low flow times will be the deep holes. They may not be very apparent to the naked eye. As the fall rain comes, the flow of the rivers will begin comming up, and those dry land areas you see will be covered with water.

When I say deep holes, they may only be 3' deep, but that is a deep hole compared to the rest of the water you are looking at. When the flows of the rivers come up, that hole goes from 3' to 5' or greater.

Depending on the species of fish you are looking to catch, will determine where you would want to begin looking for them. With the heat of the summer, most fish are gonna be looking for shade, so if you find the areas of the stream with overhanging trees this would be a good place to start. Also look for those downed trees in the river.

As the water flows next to these downed trees, the current undercuts the tree and digs a deeper hole into the stream bed. Alot of fish like to sit in and around those deep cuts.
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Chagrin runs a long way and breaks into a west and east branch just above the 84 bridge at Daniels park in Willoughby. The east branch flows through Kirtland and edges Chardon into Chesterland. Long ago the river maintain a higher water volume but; not now. The west branch runs through South Willoughby down through Mayfield along river road by the metro park. (Chagrin Reservation) Once you go south of 84 at Daniels park there is very little river access not like the Grand. The best fishing was once found around the 322 bridge Gates Mills residents make sure you can't fish there anymore. The Chagrin gets the most activity from Daniels north to the Lake. A few pockets south around park district access. Just because it is not posted does not mean your allowed!
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here's a few more access points to try: the soccer fields off of lakeshore and erie road, todd fields by downtown willoughby, in the metro parks off of river road( between route 6 and wilson mills) there are some beautiful holes and quality smallmouth along with some incredible scenery ya just may have to walk a bit. "it's not the journey, it's the destination" wait, strike that and reverse
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