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how too raise big ears of sweet corn

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Default how too raise big ears of sweet corn

kid wants to start her own garden, corn/ tomato;s me or she has never done this , so, what do you use to get those ears to grow so big.
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Miracle Gro Works Great
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fertilizer 19-19-19 is what we use for corn. We use a couple thousand pounds for about 4 bags of corn. Most people do not put enough to get the corn started. Then you need water and sun when the ears start developing.
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Also need to keep the bugs away. And pull weeds.
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I always had the biggest problem with squirrels. They will take the ears and drag them up a tree and eat the kernals.

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Originally Posted by bountyhunter View Post
kid wants to start her own garden, corn/ tomato;s me or she has never done this , so, what do you use to get those ears to grow so big.
If you really want "big ears" on your stalks than you will want to purchase a variety that produces large ears. There are several out there that produce large yellow, white, or yellow/white ears. I, personally, have found that the smaller varieties, 7"-8", produce a much more tender kernel and sweet flavor. But that is my opinion on preference, if you want big ears all you have to do is buy a big ear variety. Go to any seed supply website, like Burpee, and shop. There is a wide array of hybrids available to suit your desire.

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bountyhunter - not sure where your garden will be located, but wanted to let you know sweet corn can be tough to grow in an urban garden. If you live in town you may want to decide to skip the sweet corn and focus your effort on other plants. Sweet corn works best in the country where there is plenty of corn around for pollination. If you do grow in town, it works best when you plant a lot - not just a couple rows.

This isn't to say it can't be done - it certainly can. I just wanted to give you the warning. It takes a lot of space and many times does poorly in town. I live in the county, but still choose not to grow sweet corn at my place. I do green beans, tomotoes, egg plant, strawberries, blackberries, horseradish, peppers, squash, zuchinni, & onions. I split a joint garden with a farmer friend and we do 4-5 varieties of sweet corn, potatoes, etc. out there.

When evaluating a sweet corn, you'll want to look at how many rows of corn it grows per ear as well as ear length. Number of rows range from as 6-8 to as many as 18+.

Also - the expensive "fancy" varieties of sweet corn seldom do as well as the varieties we get from the local seed company. We get their silver queen and ambrosia every year and it does well almost without fail. Have had good luck with candy corn, incredible and frosty as well. This rain set our planting back as we leave 2 rows on an end row over 1/4 mile long (approx 550 yards) for sweet corn. We can't plant until the test plots and field is planted - should be within a week or so.

I have friends with sweet corn already up - should be ready by 4th of July if all goes well for them.
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