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how to get boat trailer registration?

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Default how to get boat trailer registration?

I just bought a used 17.5' bass boat on a trailor. I received the title for the boat and motor but the guy didn't have a the previous trailor registration. I understand that the trailor has to be weighed before you can get plates but is that without the boat on it? I also need to get the boat inspected. Just curious how this process works. Thanks for any info.
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Default trailer

yep stupid ohio thing need the trailer weight,without the boat. where do you live , I know a place ,but won;t make it public. feed mills have scales.
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You might be able to contact the trailer manufacturer and give them the serial number and have them reproduce a certificate of origin. That will give you the weight and you can use it for your registration.
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Trailer is less than 1,000lbs guaranteed...you just neeed a weight slip stating that...

If you have a title you should be in good shape...
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Maybe you could go to a feed mill that has scales. Tell them you have a trailer that weighs 800lbs or whatever you think is close. Tell them you need a certificate that says what it weighs but the boat is on it and don't have a way to get the trailer to them without the boat. I ran into the same problem. I did know the weight, i think it was around 800. I went to a feed mill and they gave me what I needed for a few bucks.
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Go weigh a friend's trailer, and register it as being homemade. No numbers are checked. They only ask you the color to put on the registration.
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your local BMV will have an aproved place to weigh it
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I had to help my dad do this with his first boat. He floated me off in the boat and I went fishing while he went to a weigh station to get the trailer weighed. Once he did this he had the weigh slip with what was needed.

Hope this helps.
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In Ohio, the registration process for any homemade trailer under 4,000 lbs is pretty simple. It doesn't have to be inspected, but you do need a weight slip from a CERTIFIED scale. Go to your local BMV, get a weight slip (you have to use the actual BMV document), and ask them what scales in the area are certified. Go to one of the certified scales and get it weighed, having them put the weight on the official BMV document.

Take that back to the BMV and let them know that you want to register a homemade trailer. They'll ask you for the weight slip, year it was made, and what color it is. Then they'll give you plates and registration for it and send you on your way.
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I thought it just had to be under 4,000 lbs. and not used for commercial use and it wouldn't need a title? Do I have to say "homemade"?
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