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Frustrated with Steelhead 4/17/15 - (29 replies)
So, I found a few new honey holes that are currently holding some beasts! I fished today with only one hookup and nothing landed. I fished for approx 4 hours with no luck and I'm completely frustrated! I threw eggs, nymphs, streamers, etc. The stream has very minimal flow, water is clear and low. I...
Country Music Fans 4/20/15 - (19 replies)
Where has our music gone? I'm watching the ACM awards with my wife and some of these JackWagons make me sick. FL-GA Line mostly.
SUP review 4/15/15 - (17 replies)
So here's a review I did for Columbus Kayak on their new Hala Paddle Boards. All I'll say is don't knock it until you've tried it. It may not be right for everyone, but I know I'll be doing the majority of my fishing off of one this year: If it aint flowing, Iím not going. Thatís my motto; I love...
Man kills armadillo, but ricochet gunshot hits mother-in-law 4/15/15 - (16 replies)
Lucky shot or good aim !%
Any plumbers? 4/19/15 - (15 replies)
Just got back from vacation and went to take a shower and noticed that our water pressure in the shower is terribly low, it was not low before we left so the only change was that it hadn't been used in a week. It is not any lower anywhere else in the house. All valves are open in the basement. The main...
New Ohio Concealed Weapon Bill introduced 4/8/15 - (72 replies)
"A bill introduced in Columbus yesterday would no longer require most Ohioans to have a permit or training in order to carry a concealed weapon" What's your feelings on this? I'm going to sit quiet, observe,. and comment later.
The Definitive OGF Paddler Roll Call 4/3/15 - (54 replies)
Had an idea to do a master list of OGF'ers that paddle, in a single thread. Thought it might be useful to find others in your same geographical area, or in an area you might be traveling to. If enough people find this to be a good idea, we could request to pin (sticky). Start by telling me what geographical...
Carp Flies/Fish 3/23/15 - (39 replies)
Hey guys, I wanted to make a thread dedicated to fly carping. So if you have some nice flies or fish and some info, feel free to post it so others can see. I'll start it off with my favorite carp flies for stillwater.
Dolly question 3/25/15 - (33 replies)
After much too long, Iíll finally be heading back to FL next month. I need to something about dragging the kayak around, from the vehicle to the water. First and foremost, the shells really wear down the keel. Second, dragging through the sand is much harder than it seems. Iíd like to get some sort of...
Beginner fly rod recommendations? 3/28/15 - (32 replies)
Ok so I'm thinking about taking a stroll on the dark side! I have been lurking in the fly forum for some time now and I'm going to be honest, I'm guilty of spin casting! Haha I've been trying my own flies, streamers and mostly hair jigs for a few years and love it! Lately have had a real urge...
Pretty pretty moth on my wall 4/21/15 - (No replies)
Kinda like the stealth bomber.
Famous canoers? 4/21/15 - (3 replies)
Does anyone recognize any of these people? They are Cavpro brand paddles I picked up at the thrift store in Columbus a few years back. There was another set (seem like real nice paddles, light!) that I told someone I was talking to there and he swooped em up. Not bad, $8.98 each. I actually need...
3- Cabelas Depthmaster trolling rods 4/21/15 - (1 reply)
I have 3 telescoping handled 8'6" planer board rods model DM-PB-86M. $50 for the 3 , rather sell them all at once . Pickup in Toledo , no shipping . Thanks Pleas email me at
Opti oil 4/21/15 - (No replies)
Guys running Optimax Mercs......who's got a reasonable price on the Opti DFI oil? Anyone know of any dealers selling in bulk?
Birds nest pics, please post em! 4/21/15 - (5 replies)
Both kinds:D Either your baitcaster or in your trees/yard. As I was leaving my property, I noticed a nest in an emerald arborvitae. It is in the biggest one, about 70% of the way up, "rightish of center, where the hole is".
3- Cabelas Depthmaster trolling rods 4/21/15 - (1 reply)
I have 3 telescoping handled 8'6" planer board rods model DM-PB-86M. $50 for the 3 , rather sell them all at once . Pickup in Toledo , no shipping . Thanks Pleas email me at
Walleye spinner blades 4/20/15 - (4 replies)
Went thru my blades and doing a little "thinning the herd". Have 104 blades some new never been in the water some have been used. Some are single blades some have 2 or 3 of the same color. Copper, gold, white, chart and a few pink backs. Nice starter bunch for someone new to harness fishing. $70 obo....
1998 Cadillac deville for sale 4/20/15 - (2 replies)
I have a Cadillac seville for sale it was my grand fathers car very clean only has 115k miles on it runs great leather interior brand new Michelin tires on it no rust bin garage kept for years only drove on Sundays to church for the last 5 years I will upload pictures tomorrow 2000 obo motivated seller...
2008 Tracker Proteam 190 bass boat $12,500 4/20/15 - (No replies)
2008 Tracker Proteam 190 25th anniversary addition garage kept 90HP Mercury always professionally winterized Trailer: just serviced wheel bearings, new tires and a never used like new spare 12v 46lb thrust Motorguide trolling motor Bow mounted Humminbird Matrix 37 *** needs a transducer *** Console...
Hunting / recreation cabin in Marietta 4/20/15 - (1 reply)
Up for sale is a hunting / recreation cabin in Marietta on 3 acres bin in the family since it was built approximately in 1990 it has a cistern style well filled by rain water has a full bathroom with running water and a out house with running water also has hot water 3 bedrooms and a loft it was built...
smallies 2/28/15
every year i am able to smash the small mouths,i scout my river,i know where they will be.i am always early.usually i bank fish em,they are that easy.last year apr 23, i must've caught 30 in a few short hours.i change my work schedule so that i get the prime time.the time frame of the pre spawn is different...
2 outboard transom savers 2/26/15
in Columbus can pick them up tomorrow evening. would be awesome to get. let me know if you still have them. 614-805-7769
Berlin Bass Casters Fishing Expo 2/25/15
:DCome have a good time and lose that cabin fever !!!
Extended forcast 12/30/14
[quote=lovin life;1938364]Sure was cold this morning !!!!! Sent from my SPH-L710 using Ohub Campfire mobile app[/quote] I smell ice baby!!
Can anyone suggest a NICE west basin marina for dockage? 10/5/14
NO bait? Did i read that wrong?
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