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Missing boater 4/17/14 - (114 replies)
Search is underway for a missing boat carrying 4 people in the Rattlesnake /Green Island area. Last heard from at 6 on Wednesday evening. Car and trailer found at a launch at Locust Point. Sent from my Sprint Samsung Galaxy S4 using Ohub Campfire mobile app
West Branch Muskeie 4/14/14 - (42 replies)
My buddy twistedcatfish1971 landed this 41" monster I believe this past Friday evening. He meant to post but ended up just posting it in his gallery. I'm sure he will be along shortly with more details.
Ohio Sucks 4/15/14 - (31 replies)
Today is why the older I get (50) I ask more and more, "Why do I still live here! " Sent from my LG-LS860 using Ohub Campfire mobile app
Catawba Thursday 4/17/14 4/16/14 - (29 replies)
Anyone else planning to launch out of Catawba tomorrow? Still deciding on a launch time but we plan to be there sometime tomorrow morning.
Jig Bite 4/14/14 - (28 replies)
Was able to get the boat in the water this weekend. Fished around K can all weekend, anywhere from 9fow to 13fow. Friday was a 6 man limit, Saturday was a 7 man limit, and Sunday was a 4 man limit. The water has warmed up and the fish are starting to turn on. All fish were caught vertical jigging...
fremont sandusky river 3/22/14 - (127 replies)
Heard they are starting to get a few eyes but slow....anybody else heard anything
Missing boater 4/17/14 - (114 replies)
Search is underway for a missing boat carrying 4 people in the Rattlesnake /Green Island area. Last heard from at 6 on Wednesday evening. Car and trailer found at a launch at Locust Point. Sent from my Sprint Samsung Galaxy S4 using Ohub Campfire mobile app
Grand River 3/25/14 - (100 replies)
Has anyone had any luck in the grand so far? It's finally down to a manageable speed/depth now that the ice is gone. I was out around masons landing and 528 a few times already with no luck, but I'm excited now that the rest has finally cleared out. I had a decent chrome take a swipe at my spinner...
my 36" northern 3/28/14 - (71 replies)
im so happy with this fish i could cry. ive been going everyday i can fish and its finally paid off with a true gator. she hit the salmo pike bait (best $17 i ever spent). yes, she was well over 10 pounds and about 36". i didnt have a ruler and really didnt want to harm her. so as she was recovering...
Maumee 3/28/14 - (70 replies)
I was just wondering when everyone thought the first limit would be pulled this year!?? I was thinking Thursday with the water temp rising and air temps looking warmer in the upcoming days after Saturday... Pretty sure I have know idea but am being optimistic since a buddy and I are coming out for the...
Blue or Channel Cat??? 4/20/14 - (No replies)
Hey guys, I need help identifying this fish..... Caught this guy in a small creek on a 6" sucker. He came in at 29" and just under 9 lbs. My first inclination is that he's a channel cat. But there's a few things that make me scratch my head. First is that the anal fin was very straight....
First flathead trip of the year 4/20/14 - (No replies)
Went out to Lake Logan last night (4/18) and fished from 6-11pm. Had one run, but i pulled my bait on the hookset which leads me to believe it was a small channel. No luck on the flatheads yet. Might be a little too early still or i might have been in the wrong spot. I'll be out again soon in a new spot...
Lake Logan 4/18 4/20/14 - (No replies)
Fish from 1pm to around 11pm. Got a couple crappie, one small largemouth, two decent bluegill and two channels, one of which was a nice fish. Tried for flathead from 6pm to 11pm with no luck. Might be a little early still on them, but i'll be out there again soon to try to get one. Cats were on shad...
Seriously!?!? 4/19/14 - (4 replies)
Please delete the I AM GOD signature please. I don't really care what you think or don't think, that is your choice alone. However any subject matter that can or does create potential unrest on the site can not be permitted. Thanks in advance for your understanding. Kim This has to be a joke!?!?!?...
Shore fishing for walleye 4/19/14 - (No replies)
Is there any shore fishing along the maumee river for walleye.
45 hair jigs for 65.00 4/19/14 - (1 reply)
They are 1/2 5/8 3/4 oz. and a pile of stingers. I stocked up to try the jiggin thing but it's not for me. These are almost all new. Pick up in Randolph only. 65.00 for everything.
Boat for sale 4/19/14 - (2 replies)
16ft spectrum side console deep v 1996 9.9 mercury 2 stroke 71lb thrust 24volt trolling motor bought new in 2008 All 3 batteries bought in 2012 New carpet in 2012 Comes with mounts and 4 Atwood rod holders This has been a great musky boat for me the past 6 years but I decided to upgrade. Boat does...
125 Gallon tank, stand, Fishing Lures 4/19/14 - (No replies)
[/URL][/IMG] $35 [/URL][/IMG] $20 $20 [/URL][/IMG] $15 [/URL][/IMG] $275. The lights are no longer on it. The tank stand and lids are what are included. The background is now black. I am located in Hilliard.
Hunting Revolvers for sale 4/19/14 - (1 reply)
I have 2 revolvers I'd like to move as I dont use either one like I thought I would. Taurus 44 Mag large frame not Raging Bull model 8" barrel with ammo and belt holster. 725 obo Smith & Wesson 500 8 3/8 barrel and ammo. 1200 obo Both are like new and have factory box. message for more...
Mass and boards 4/19/14 - (No replies)
Hello i am selling a big john double reel mass and two capt choice red wood boards and two bags of clips $ 200.00:b 419-512-5430 morgan
Tough season 4/18/14
Over the last 10 seasons I have taken the time to visit the hatchery just to see what is happening. There is always a biologist on site and they always have a good insight as to what is happening. What I have been told is that the cost per fish is way cheaper as we were trading catfish for fry....
Wtb ice auger 2/18/14
I have a 8 inch strikemaster lazer auger, it's only a year old 50$
Pic 2/15/14
Is it chambered for 3 or 3 1/2"
Eskimo two man flip 2/12/14
Shanty?? Mario their for chicks bro
Floating the grand 2/8/14
Grand river canoe rental and racoon run canoe rental
by theprowler
by flathunter
by mbass8dor
by LittleMiamiJeff
by Rod Hawg
by Northern1
by DrZ
by Milwaukee Tool Man
by roger23
by FishIgo
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by Silver Streak
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