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Boom 2 7/26/14 - (86 replies)
For all you guys hating on my fish. its 20 inches 8 pounds. i know your all jealous its okay i forgive you. i caught it on a blue 5 inch lizard no jighead. and aren't you guys kinda old to be pickin on a 16 year old? i mean its like highschool drama all over again! thought the summer was supposed to...
IPHONE Question? 7/25/14 - (39 replies)
Anyone ever dunk their Iphone in water and been able to recover it successfully? I've got mine sitting covered in rice at the moment? Really don't want to buy another phone. Advise?
Fishing Obsession? 7/31/14 - (33 replies)
OK, so my brother has been telling me a lot lately that I am OBSESSED with fishing. So, I wanted to throw it out there and see what you guys think is considered "too much fishing," as if there were such a thing. FYI I go out just about every evening after work for a few hours and most of the day...
two zero point two five zero 7/31/14 - (25 replies)
So I got off work and it's raining cats and dogs. So I head home instead of to that one river where I've been catching fish lately. I get home and guess what? It hasn't rained a drop. So I head out to that other river that's closer to my house. For a week or so I've been thinking about how this place...
Ohio river catfish help ! 7/25/14 - (25 replies)
Hey guys, I recently posted my struggles I've been having huntin them cats since mid june. It ended up starting a bunch of threads about gar. Was looking for catfish advice or other anglers experiences lately. Anyone bBen having problems not finding the cats? I fish ohio side mainly meldahl. 9 mile....
Boom 2 7/26/14 - (86 replies)
For all you guys hating on my fish. its 20 inches 8 pounds. i know your all jealous its okay i forgive you. i caught it on a blue 5 inch lizard no jighead. and aren't you guys kinda old to be pickin on a 16 year old? i mean its like highschool drama all over again! thought the summer was supposed to...
42 inch, 5th cast muskie! 7/13/14 - (66 replies)
Been spending my time fishing for muskies past few weeks. I went to Alum on July 4th and got skunked. Went back yesterday and was fortunate enough to land this 20 lb monster on my 5th cast! The fishing gods are sure on my side :D
Jon Boat Fishing 7/16/14 - (57 replies)
I have a 14ft jon boat with a 6 horse evinrude, great for the bay and I take her on raccoon and beaver creek reservoirs mostly but Ive taken it on the lake once but not too far out. I have a Lowrance Mark 4 I just got this year and it works great at spotting fish on the res but I cant get any of the...
Trolling idiots 7/7/14 - (53 replies)
Went out trolling NE of the crib on July 5th. My buddy and I were getting into the walleye pretty good and not a soul was around us. All of a sudden, some moron in a blue and grey Alumacraft pulls up maybe 300 ft from us and starts setting up. We ended up probably 150 ft away from them and I swear if...
Night of 1000 Leeches 7/22/14 - (51 replies)
[Let me get the fishing report out of the way first: Three smallies, one decent, caught out of a local flow, in transition water between deeper water and shallow riffles, at sundown, on a slush Joshy. Okay, fine.] During the worst of my shingles, I managed to get out and fish once, the weekend before...
Ohio River 4 days 8/1/14 - (No replies)
Good news the shad about 1 to 1.5 inches long are in the creeks so are the river shiners. The bait fish were not out on the river nor were the hybirds where they should be this time of the year. 2 saugers both over 16 inches 4 cha cats over 5 lbs one drum around 3lbs 1 gar too big to put in the boat...
Still looking 8/1/14 - (No replies)
I have been struggling as I search for flathead this year. Collected a lot of skunks (normal) and the other night I got this one. Just like a flathead only smaller :)
Where to eat in zanesville 8/1/14 - (No replies)
What are the best places to get a decent meal in zanesville? I'm going to be working on Putnam ave over the weekend and I was hoping to get some advice on what to eat and a decent hotel at a reasonable rate. Hopefully I'll get some time to fish but it's a stretch even though the river is two short blocks...
Side cut fishing report 8/1/14 - (1 reply)
Hit side cut tonite ended up with a 20 inch smallmouth a small rock bass a decent cat and a small sheepshead all caught on a jig and twister Sent from my SM-N900V using Ohub Campfire mobile app
The lengths we will go to... 8/1/14 - (5 replies)
One of the things that the internet age has brought us is a brand new sport: spot hacking. I know I spend half the winter at it when the weather is just too bad to go out and actually fish. I can think of a few great successes. Once a few years ago a fellow posted a photo of himself and a 20 inch...
Blackhawk! Serpa Light Bearing Holster 7/31/14 - (No replies)
Blackhawk CQC 414500BK-R Right handed holster for glock 17/22/31 with fitment for a xiphos XT light. I was a big dummy and bought the wrong holster, dont have the xiphos. Still fits but its not recommended to use it without that setup. So, my loss is your gain. $25 + ship or local pickup in Columbus....
12' boat/trailer 7/31/14 - (1 reply)
12' aluminum boat with trailer. Comes with 4hp evinrude, small anchor, and swivel seats. I think the motor year is 1971. Can send pics by email or text 330-571-5169. 600.00 obo
Generator WTB/Trade 7/31/14 - (No replies)
Looking for small generator to take camping. Anyone have one they wanna sell or trade?? Send me a PM please, Thanks!!
Selling suitcases 7/31/14 - (5 replies)
20+ suitcases 50$ for the lot. Sent from my iPhone using Ohub Campfire
Farm-o-stat 7/31/14 - (1 reply)
T631f 1084 Range 35 to 100ft 65 obo Sent from my iPhone using Ohub Campfire
Take the sting out of small Catfish fins 6/10/14
[quote=kapposgd;1845825]Rub the area that got stung with the slime on the belly of the catfish Sent from my DROID RAZR using Ohub Campfire mobile app[/quote] That does work. I get stung at least a few times a year catching small channels for flathead bait.
Tough season 4/18/14
Over the last 10 seasons I have taken the time to visit the hatchery just to see what is happening. There is always a biologist on site and they always have a good insight as to what is happening. What I have been told is that the cost per fish is way cheaper as we were trading catfish for fry....
Wtb ice auger 2/19/14
I have a 8 inch strikemaster lazer auger, it's only a year old 50$
Pic 2/16/14
Is it chambered for 3 or 3 1/2"
Eskimo two man flip 2/12/14
Shanty?? Mario their for chicks bro
by Reel Lady
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by Redear
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by peple of the perch
by s7vendusk
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