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dock with no cleats? 1/19/15 - (29 replies)
Will be docking first time this spring. Over the holiday we took a ride up to visit the marina (foxhaven) and see the dock we chose. The dock is concrete and has no cleats? Instead it has metal loops on each end of the dock. I have never seen a dock without cleats before. What would be the proper way...
Patriots cheat again - 11 balls underinflated 1/21/15 - (24 replies)
The Patriots look like they were caught cheating again. 11 of their 12 balls were underinflated. Seeing that its not their first time, I can see the NFL coming down hard on them. First and second round draft pick forfeit, $1,000,000 fine, suspend Belicheck for a year. Just my opinion on the penalty. The...
Skeeter 1/19/15 - (23 replies)
Spent a few hours at Mosquito today. Some gills and a few perch but no crappie or walleye. Gonna try again tomorrow and hopefully better luck. Posted using
Hand Auger Comparisons 1/23/15 - (20 replies)
I've owned Mora & Strikemaster Lazer Hand Augers for years. Last year I got to try an Eskimo. Last week, I tried a Nils. By far, the best is the Nils Auger. The 8" Nils put my 8" Lazer to shame. Looks like I'm gonna take the plunge & get a Nils. Anybody else have a Nils and want to comment?
Vex help please!!! 1/18/15 - (19 replies)
Ok guys I have a vex fl-8se. I have had the unit 2-3 years never have had any problems withit. I bought it new. Was fishing yesterday and all was well fished for about 6 hrs and the unit just stopped reading!! I switched holes and it just stopped. I unhooked the ducer and hooked it back up. Unplug the...
Id? 1/9/15 - (71 replies)
Got these couple in the Rocky last week. Are either Browns? And don't hassle me about the fish lying on gravel, I'm not listening Posted using
Stocking Browns In Ohio Tribs 12/31/14 - (68 replies)
I have seen a lot of nice brown trout pics this year from the Rocky. I think Ohio should throw some brown trout in the mix with our steelhead. Why are we missing out on this opportunity? Any thoughts, pros, cons, etc.
Muzzleloader season 12/29/14 - (59 replies)
Who all is going out for muzzleloader? Hoping to finally get a deer. Saturday looks like a mix of rain and snow. Will be hunting in Auglaize County.
Nothing makes me more mad 1/15/15 - (58 replies)
No wonder there aren't any good fish in nimi. This is the 3rd time on the ice I've saw this. Why must people be like this? Just release them!! This is the kind of stuff that ruins it for everyone else. Any one want to put their 2 cents in?
Osp 1/8/15 - (55 replies)
Wanting to see if anyone has a report for Osp or wants to give it a try tomorrow morning.
Catawba 1/25/15 - (No replies)
Ill be fishing most of week by myself Care to group up call 440 391 2094
Smith & Wesson SD 4O VE 1/25/15 - (No replies)
Was wondering if anybody had any experience with this hangun or own one. I'm in the market for a handgun and I know a guy that's selling one for very cheap. Other options I'm looking at is a Sig 229, glock 23, or springfield. Suggestions would be appreciated.
waiting for best prices 1/25/15 - (No replies)
i intersting Daiwa Mini System Minispin Ultralight Spinning Reel, looking for best prices
looking Spinning Reel 1/25/15 - (1 reply)
im beginner, i have amazon gift card from my brother, i'll using for purchase Daiwa Mini System Minispin Ultralight Spinning Reel, I saw on the price: $34.52. do you think is worth? anyone can give me more reviews ? thanks
Fuel Flo Meters 1/25/15 - (No replies)
Who's added a fuel flow meter and what brand. Do you like them and what have you heard or seen from others with them. I'm wanting to add one to my boat. Thanks!
Thompson Center Encore 30-06 Barrel Brand New In Box 1/24/15 - (No replies)
Got one brand New in the box Thompson Center Encore 24 inch blued finish Barrel in 30/06. Item # is 1752. 200.00 and or trade for a b-mag or 17hmr. located in Northfield 44067 3303911074.
Rockin' Harley Toy 1/24/15 - (1 reply)
Fat Boy Rockin Harley - wooden rocking toy. My kids, especially my son, had a blast with this thing. They've outgrown it and I would like for another kid to enjoy it. This is a genuine Harley Davidson licensed item. It has some dings and scratches from my son but has many miles left to give. These...
WTB/WTT Handheld GPS 1/24/15 - (No replies)
Looking for a hand held GPS capable of using a Navionics chip. Have the chip from boat but not handheld. A friend has a Lowrance H20C that works with chip so that would work. Have a hub shanty to trade or cash. 419-204-5010
WTB traps for coyotes/fox 1/24/15 - (No replies)
Looking for some used traps. Will entertain all traps but am looking for 1 3/4 or bigger. Thanks
Abu Garcia Silver Max 1/24/15 - (No replies)
Brand new, never opened. Still in the pack. $50 obo
Extended forcast 12/30/14
[quote=lovin life;1938364]Sure was cold this morning !!!!! Sent from my SPH-L710 using Ohub Campfire mobile app[/quote] I smell ice baby!!
Can anyone suggest a NICE west basin marina for dockage? 10/5/14
NO bait? Did i read that wrong?
Sheffield Lake Perch 9/16/14
Fished a large school of small perch, nice sized white perch, and award winning sheepers today, in 51 f.o.w., off the condo's. Take LOTS of shinners, you'll be serving them up!!!!
Poor Day 8/27/14
Poor day out of Gordon Park on Tuesday 8/26. On water with 4 fishing at 9 am due north to 47-48FOW with 6 other boats. Marked many fish,but no bites. At 10:30 went to Crib where all fish were up high and 5 boats said they were carching nothing. Returned to original area now in closer at 45 FOW with 18...
Super Moon 8/10/14
Moon smoon. Just fish... actually last year in june during a SUPER moon(looked like you could reach out a touch it) was a pretty great trip! But later found out from a veryknowledgeable ogfer that the moon brought the crawdads out to spawn. And thats what heated up the bite,not the actual moon... I...
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