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Topwater madness continues... 8/23/14 - (31 replies)
Picked up three fat highly aggressive acrobatic smallmouth tonight (a couple 17's and a 15) on baby torpedoes--two on the bass pattern and one on what I'm guessing is a frog pattern that has a yellow and orange belly, which was effective in the dark. I tried the black pattern (with white bone markings)...
Kiser lake reports 8/24/14 - (28 replies)
Gonna hit kiser Saturday probably, anyone know anything? Sent from my iPhone using Ohub Campfire
catch of a lifetime 8/23/14 - (28 replies)
before work today i decided to try out an idea me and tomb and workdog have been bouncing around. how to fish 4,5 & 6 oz weights without sacrificing offshore board performance. i solved the problem. simply and very inexspensive. thill floats. 2 pak $1.37 @ walmart. the ones with a slit and a stopper...
EPIC PB Yak Flathead 8/22/14 - (24 replies)
Its been a while since i've been on here....just cant seem to find the time like i used to. My free time keeps getting cutting cut down each year; work, fishing tournaments (semi-work), blogs (becoming semi-work), fishing, fishing, oh yea and fishing..lol. Anyway Russ (rustyfish) and I hit the river...
Alum crappie 8/8/14 - (64 replies)
It has been a good week for crappie. Water temp 78-83. Depth 8-13. Fishing just off flats, both joshy whites with road runner 1/8 steelhauler specials. Trolling cranks that dive to 8ft. 1.5-1.9. Most fish were 11 inches or better. Sent from my ASUS PadFone X using Ohub Campfire mobile app
The lengths we will go to... 8/1/14 - (63 replies)
One of the things that the internet age has brought us is a brand new sport: spot hacking. I know I spend half the winter at it when the weather is just too bad to go out and actually fish. I can think of a few great successes. Once a few years ago a fellow posted a photo of himself and a 20 inch...
Favorite fish to target? 8/11/14 - (59 replies)
What's your favorite fish to target and why? I think mine is walleye! So much fun. Sent from my iPhone using Ohub Campfire
Gander Hilliard.....huh? 8/4/14 - (57 replies)
I don't remember the last time I was in there, but it could not have been that long ago. Talk about a much needed update. I literally felt like I was in the wrong place when I stepped inside. This isn't to say their selection is any better. It sure looks a lot better. It seems fishing has taken...
New Jackson kayaks 8/6/14 - (53 replies)
Oh yeah, Jackson has a few new boats. Check 'em out: They way I see it, no matter if you're a "Ford or a Chevy" guy, anyway you slice it you gotta love how the manufacturers are pushing each other to make great fishing kayaks. As someone who remembers when there were NO fishing kayaks, and certainly...
WTB: Exteral Wiring harness for a 1977 Merc 1500 8/29/14 - (No replies)
My motor died, I had hard wired it it several years ago as the external harness insulation had rotted away and it was unsalvageable. Found a replacement motor but would like to use an external harness as the plug and internal harness are in good shape. Anyone have a Merc powered boat they're scrapping...
Lap Top Mapping 8/29/14 - (No replies)
Did anyone know that Navionics is now available for laptop use and as long as your laptop has either a built in gps or separate gps attached it will work and show your exact location on the chart.
Stream smallie numbers ?! 8/29/14 - (2 replies)
This may seem like a dumb question. But I often think about it while I'm fishing. How many bass can hold in a particular stretch of river? Like below a riffle? Is there a point where others keep out if there are so many in one spot? I've read other posts that say things like they don't migrate much...
Shawnee state park 8/29/14 - (No replies)
I was wondering what some of you guys or gals input would be on the quality of this park and why it seems like its not busy like others? The remote location keep people away or is my observation just off. thanks in advance.
Hammocks for camping 8/28/14 - (1 reply)
WTB: Exteral Wiring harness for a 1977 Merc 1500 8/29/14 - (No replies)
My motor died, I had hard wired it it several years ago as the external harness insulation had rotted away and it was unsalvageable. Found a replacement motor but would like to use an external harness as the plug and internal harness are in good shape. Anyone have a Merc powered boat they're scrapping...
Bow mount Motorguide for sle 8/28/14 - (No replies)
Older bow mount foot control trolling motor for sale. 42" shaft 37lb thrust 5 speed. I upgraded to a newer model. $100 obo. Call or text (740) 361-5163 for pics. Located in Marion and I am willing to meet within a reasonable distance
Kayak for sale 8/28/14 - (No replies)
FeelFree brand anglers kayak camo-lime color. Brand new never seen water. Sit on top. Comes with paddle and clip-in seat back. Have cert of auth, never registered. The PDF is small size-don't know if it's a woman's or not... for reference. Near Uniontown/Akron/Canton. $999 new, will sell...
Thundersticks -long a's - beads 8/28/14 - (No replies)
Have 45 assorted cranks bombers long a thundersticks , 2 mag warts , hot n tots , some beads and trolling sinkers $75 for it all west Toledo , no shipping Email me at for a faster respond thanks
WTB Gun Safe (20 or more size) 8/28/14 - (No replies)
Looking for a used gun safe, that can hold 20 or more rifles. Just hoping an OGF'er has a used one to part with, before I "pull the trigger" at Fin Feather Fur. thanks
Poor Day 8/27/14
Poor day out of Gordon Park on Tuesday 8/26. On water with 4 fishing at 9 am due north to 47-48FOW with 6 other boats. Marked many fish,but no bites. At 10:30 went to Crib where all fish were up high and 5 boats said they were carching nothing. Returned to original area now in closer at 45 FOW with 18...
Super Moon 8/10/14
Moon smoon. Just fish... actually last year in june during a SUPER moon(looked like you could reach out a touch it) was a pretty great trip! But later found out from a veryknowledgeable ogfer that the moon brought the crawdads out to spawn. And thats what heated up the bite,not the actual moon... I...
Take the sting out of small Catfish fins 6/10/14
[quote=kapposgd;1845825]Rub the area that got stung with the slime on the belly of the catfish Sent from my DROID RAZR using Ohub Campfire mobile app[/quote] That does work. I get stung at least a few times a year catching small channels for flathead bait.
Tough season 4/18/14
Over the last 10 seasons I have taken the time to visit the hatchery just to see what is happening. There is always a biologist on site and they always have a good insight as to what is happening. What I have been told is that the cost per fish is way cheaper as we were trading catfish for fry....
Wtb ice auger 2/19/14
I have a 8 inch strikemaster lazer auger, it's only a year old 50$
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