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Best Pizza in OGF Land 7/16/14 - (101 replies)
I'll give you 5 of my favorite Pizza's in NE Ohio: 1. Guido's - Chesterland ....Square Siciclian Pizza. They are an aquired taste,it may take a couple pizzas but boy are they good. Unique crust. 2. Biagio's Donuts and Pizza in Eastlake on Vine Street. Gotta love pizza combined with a donut shop....
Bula July 20th 7/20/14 - (38 replies)
Went out of bula today with viper and 6 others.. Pounded a tree at 50mph this am heading out, thought I ripped the hall in pieces however there was no damage... Other than vipers lip haha poor guy... Other than that it was a good day we pulled are limits!!! All meat 3oz 135 dips 3@130-135 2@90-100 had...
Jon Boat Fishing 7/16/14 - (32 replies)
I have a 14ft jon boat with a 6 horse evinrude, great for the bay and I take her on raccoon and beaver creek reservoirs mostly but Ive taken it on the lake once but not too far out. I have a Lowrance Mark 4 I just got this year and it works great at spotting fish on the res but I cant get any of the...
Van down by the river? 7/16/14 - (30 replies)
Griggs is pretty much where I fish if it isn't a mess. Every time I've gone down there this year there is a full size van with some sort of big metal box on top parked in the same place. I have seen the person leave, but literally every time I drive through the park the van is there. Anyone else...
snapping turtle, take a grown duck? eat the turtle? 7/19/14 - (26 replies)
I just rescued one of my Peking ducks from a big Ole snapper in my 1/4 acre pond. It had it by a leg and I had a hold of the ducks neck, (wasn't sure if I was going to have to find a recipe for duck or turtle for a moment there) I won the little tug a war,, or the duck did I guess, has turtle is...
Muskie Success!!! 6/27/14 - (73 replies)
Went back to the alum creek spillway and landed my first ever muskie! The water was super muddy and high but the muskies were active. I caught it on a 5.5 inch saltwater x-rap. It broke my lure but it was well the $10. I didn't have a tape measure but the muskie weighed in at 12.5 lbs. Based on the amount...
42 inch, 5th cast muskie! 7/13/14 - (66 replies)
Been spending my time fishing for muskies past few weeks. I went to Alum on July 4th and got skunked. Went back yesterday and was fortunate enough to land this 20 lb monster on my 5th cast! The fishing gods are sure on my side :D
Alum creek clarity? 6/26/14 - (60 replies)
How's the clarity in each pool? Heading there after work Posted using
Trolling idiots 7/6/14 - (51 replies)
Went out trolling NE of the crib on July 5th. My buddy and I were getting into the walleye pretty good and not a soul was around us. All of a sudden, some moron in a blue and grey Alumacraft pulls up maybe 300 ft from us and starts setting up. We ended up probably 150 ft away from them and I swear if...
Ohio visit / Weekend float 7/8/14 - (49 replies)
Greetings gentlemen! I am currently back in the beautiful heartland of America, and am looking for any interested parties in a 2day float w/ some camping this sat/sun (July12/13), or two separate floats each day, or heck even just a float. Ideally Darby if possible just because I've missed it more...
Looking for public grounds to bow hunt wild pigs 7/22/14 - (No replies)
Does anyone know of any public hunting grounds that have a high population of wild hogs in Ohio? I'd also be willing to hunt private land if you have a good population of them destroying your crops or land. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G870A using Ohub Campfire mobile app
Looking for Browns tickets 7/22/14 - (No replies)
Looking for 4 tickets for the Browns/Saints game on Sept. 14. Seats must be together. PM me I check on here often.
So frustrated..... losing fish 7/22/14 - (3 replies)
Is it just me losing so many fish at the back of the boat this year? I've lost so many fish at the 15' behind the boat area that it's making me sick.... including today. Nephews first Lake Erie walleye and it pops free 15' behind the boat. I've done everything I can think of and I'm still having an...
Mercury BlackMax 150 7/22/14 - (No replies)
OK another problem with the boats motor. When my buddy turns the boat on the prop starts to spin at a slow speed not matter if it's in neutral, forward or reverse. Does anyone have any idea what could be the issue?
Yep.... Ctown is dead 7/22/14 - (2 replies)
Hit the water at 1030 out of WW and started at the 40 fow mark. Cranks on one side and meat on the other. Within the first 10 minutes we had caught 8 whitey's and had a nice eye up to the back of the boat only to have it pop off. From then on it was farm animals.... we tried the 50 and 60 fow marks with...
Looking for Browns tickets 7/22/14 - (No replies)
Looking for 4 tickets for the Browns/Saints game on Sept. 14. Seats must be together. PM me I check on here often.
Champion boat 150 HP Evenrude Intruder. 7/21/14 - (No replies)
$8,000.00 Sent from my iPhone using Ohub Campfire
1990 24 ft thompson hardtop 7/21/14 - (No replies)
[center] [/center] 1990 24 Ft Thompson hard top. 4.3l V6, cuddy, new floor, stringers, and aluminum trailer added in2010. 2 Big jon electric downriggers, Cannon planer board mast with the 2 plastic boards, 8 lakeland slide track rod holders. Maintained by huron lagoons marina. This motor is very fuel...
1972 14R Sea Nymph 7/21/14 - (No replies)
For sale. 1972 14R Sea Nymph fishing boat. Nice wide, deep boat. 5'2" wide, 25" deep. I took the middle seat out, and was going to install a flat floor, but found another boat before I got to it. Can be used as is, or finished up to your own needs. It has an anchor winch system which can be operated...
1969 16' Sea Nymph R--Hard to find 7/21/14 - (No replies)
For sale. 1969,16R Sea Nymph boat. Wide and deep. 6' wide, 26" deep. Minn Kota 40# thrust bow mount trolling motor. 1998 25 hp. Evinrude, electric start. Sea Nymph trailer, with good tires. These old Sea Nymph "R"s are very good boats and is hard to find one in 16' $2,500.00 Call 419-234-0388 or...
Take the sting out of small Catfish fins 6/9/14
[quote=kapposgd;1845825]Rub the area that got stung with the slime on the belly of the catfish Sent from my DROID RAZR using Ohub Campfire mobile app[/quote] That does work. I get stung at least a few times a year catching small channels for flathead bait.
Tough season 4/18/14
Over the last 10 seasons I have taken the time to visit the hatchery just to see what is happening. There is always a biologist on site and they always have a good insight as to what is happening. What I have been told is that the cost per fish is way cheaper as we were trading catfish for fry....
Wtb ice auger 2/18/14
I have a 8 inch strikemaster lazer auger, it's only a year old 50$
Pic 2/15/14
Is it chambered for 3 or 3 1/2"
Eskimo two man flip 2/12/14
Shanty?? Mario their for chicks bro
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by Big Daddy
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