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4/20- where have all the twinkies gone? 4/20/15 - (32 replies)
was jonesing with a bad case of the munchies and went to nearest convienence store and they were out of twinkies!!! what gives?? ;)
Slow leak in an Automobile Tire? 4/24/15 - (27 replies)
Hey Guys, I need your help/expertise/advise: Is there any patch/remedy other than buying a new tire, to fix a slow leak in a tire on my car? I've become rather fanatic about this and generally put the recommended 34psi in my tires on the 15th/30th of the month. ...But ONE tire just doesn't hold...
Warning for parking boat in own driveway? 4/20/15 - (26 replies)
I got a warning from city for parking boat in my dads driveway! Never heard of this nor can I locate the code saying I can't park it there.. It was left on my dads door an haven't looked at it yet... Is there a way around this? Can I just move it to beside house or back yard? Don't seem right that they...
Any friends of Bill W on here? 4/22/15 - (22 replies)
Boat maintenance costs 4/22/15 - (22 replies)
My buddy had a problem with the tilt/trim on his inboard. By the time he was done at the boat repair shop he needed a cool $1kbill plus change. I don't think most people realize how much it costs to maintain a boat and make sure it's seaworthy each year. I know I go over mine top to bottom before...
New Ohio Concealed Weapon Bill introduced 4/8/15 - (72 replies)
"A bill introduced in Columbus yesterday would no longer require most Ohioans to have a permit or training in order to carry a concealed weapon" What's your feelings on this? I'm going to sit quiet, observe,. and comment later.
The Definitive OGF Paddler Roll Call 4/3/15 - (58 replies)
Had an idea to do a master list of OGF'ers that paddle, in a single thread. Thought it might be useful to find others in your same geographical area, or in an area you might be traveling to. If enough people find this to be a good idea, we could request to pin (sticky). Start by telling me what geographical...
NFL Draft..... 4/17/15 - (39 replies)
You know me. Around this time of year, I'm all abuzz about the prospects and who I feel the Browns should add. Not this year. I have zero confidence in the owner. He can't but put his.02 in there and foul it up. Though, I'm excited to see how my Saints will approach this draft. Also excited to...
Frustrated with Steelhead 4/17/15 - (35 replies)
So, I found a few new honey holes that are currently holding some beasts! I fished today with only one hookup and nothing landed. I fished for approx 4 hours with no luck and I'm completely frustrated! I threw eggs, nymphs, streamers, etc. The stream has very minimal flow, water is clear and low. I...
Castalia ? 3/29/15 - (30 replies)
Anyone else enter the Castalia trout lottery ? This is my 5th time trying, no luck in previous years but I got a Good Feeling about the upcoming drawing. Still a few more days to get in. Good Luck and Good Fishing .
EEI i2 4/25 SPRINGFIELD results 4/27/15 - (No replies)
Back2back for Culln'! njoy~ nip
EEI Spring OPEN 4/26 Moggie results 4/27/15 - (No replies)
One great bag...quickly dropped! njoy~ nip
Berkley powerworms 4/27/15 - (3 replies)
Just wondering if any of you guys ever used the powerworm in the rivers with any results?
Cavs in Four!!! Thank You!!! 4/27/15 - (1 reply)
Thank you because I hate the Celtics as much as I hate the Red Sox, Patriots and Bruins.
Ram mount 4/27/15 - (No replies)
PM ME FOR ANY DETAILS NIB- ram mount RAP-390-RBU ram tube jr revolution. Located in Mansfield $28.00 + shipping obo
Ram mount 4/27/15 - (No replies)
PM ME FOR ANY DETAILS NIB- ram mount RAP-390-RBU ram tube jr revolution. Located in Mansfield $28.00 + shipping obo
Wtb ice flasher 4/27/15 - (No replies)
Looking for a good deal on a ice flasher brand doesn't matter let me know what you got thanks adam Sent from my SM-N900V using Ohub Campfire mobile app
Big Jon Dual Planer Mast w/Reels $125 4/26/15 - (No replies)
6 ft adjustable with base, 500lb line on reels. Call Dan 330 612 2027 for more details and pics. $125.00 Located in the Boro.
Cadis Float Tube & Accessories 4/26/15 - (No replies)
Float tube with fins and anchor, 100.00..
MINN KOTA TERROVA I-PILOT 24 Volt 60" 4/26/15 - (No replies)
For Sale: MINN KOTA TERROVA I-PILOT 80lb thrust. Used one season. Works great. Has remote control and foot pedal. $1200 Can't upload pictures to the post. Will text pictures if interested. Contact Mike 440-223-4661
smallies 2/28/15
every year i am able to smash the small mouths,i scout my river,i know where they will be.i am always early.usually i bank fish em,they are that easy.last year apr 23, i must've caught 30 in a few short hours.i change my work schedule so that i get the prime time.the time frame of the pre spawn is different...
2 outboard transom savers 2/26/15
in Columbus can pick them up tomorrow evening. would be awesome to get. let me know if you still have them. 614-805-7769
Berlin Bass Casters Fishing Expo 2/25/15
:DCome have a good time and lose that cabin fever !!!
Extended forcast 12/30/14
[quote=lovin life;1938364]Sure was cold this morning !!!!! Sent from my SPH-L710 using Ohub Campfire mobile app[/quote] I smell ice baby!!
Can anyone suggest a NICE west basin marina for dockage? 10/5/14
NO bait? Did i read that wrong?
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